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May 6, 2013 01:11 PM

Surfish Park Slope

Has anyone been. Does not get much discussion on this board. If anyone has been there please let me know how the food and service is. Thanks in advance.

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      1. We had an excellent meal at lunchtime on memorial day - a sampler of three ceviches - pulpo, grilled salmon skewer (an anticocho - not really ceviche), and grilled pineapple and tuna - each distinctively seasoned. we followed with two tapa plates, a humita with shrimp - nicelly presented cornmeal steamed in a husk and sauced with the shrimp and a tasty yellow panca sauce, and carnitas taquitas, three very nice small tacos with well seasoned meat. The meal, accompanied by plaintain and yuca chips and dip, Harpoon IPA and strong and good sangria, was very pleasant and relaxed in the restaurants back garden. cordial and attentive service, apparently peruvian as well as anglo customers, reasonable price value relationship, More substantial dishes at other tables, including grilled meats, looked inviting. We will be back..