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May 6, 2013 11:58 AM

Bar near Gorikee in Woodland Hills

There used to be a restaurant called Gorikee in Woodland HIlls, and right next in the same mini-mall that has a Jery's Deli at the other end, was a Charles Bukowski-style rough and tubmle bar that may have had a western decor too, has anyone been here and


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  1. Yes! They closed a couple of years ago. It was one (or the only one, but now theres lily & leos) restaurant in the area that was actually fresh and good. The chef was Japanese, I cant think of his name. I think he was originally from a westside place a while back. Was it Carrots?

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      I think he used to work at Restaurant 2117.

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        We called the chef: Tsuji (I'm sure my spelling is incorrect).

        His right-hand man there was a big fellow named Patrick, who was very laid back and cool... I miss Gorikee to this day, including the crispy garlic chicken. wimpee burger with mango chutney and garlic fries, the soft-shell crab, and three-course lobster New Year's Eve dinner...

        We'd bring chef Tsuji satsuma tangerines every New Year for good luck -- like George Costanza and the Super Terrific Happy show...

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          Someone mentioned that the Chef Tsuji resurfaced in Long Beach ?

          Any truth to that ?

          1. re: kevin

            Chef Tsuji emailed me back in 2010 that he was opening up a place in the LBC, called Number Nine.

            I've never had a chance to head down that way to check it out myself. The menu is mainly Vietmanese cuisine and drinks; apparently there's nothing on the Number Nine menu that was carried over from Gorikee, including the Wimpy burger and the Crispy chicken. :-(

            The website indicates that there is now a Hermosa Beach location as well. Unfortunately the site made no mention of Chef Tsuji himself. I can't tell if he's still affiliated with the place after 3 years.


            The reviews for Number Nine seem decent.

            I would definitely head down there from the Valley for a visit if it meant I could taste that awesome crispy garlic chicken one more time!

            1. re: ipsedixit

              "Great burger at Gorikee."

              It kept the vampires at doubt.

        1. re: Mr Taster

          My bad. I think it was stream of conscious rant on my part:

          What I meant to say was what's the name of the bar next door to what was Gorikee


        2. The place is currently called Dirty Bull Tavern, while previous names have included Le Cannon and Corner Bar (describes the place best I think).
          It is at 21797 Ventura Blvd.
          If you want a bar, a new place, which also serves food, and good food by the way, try Local Peasant in the former Casa De Carlos space at 22901 Ventura Blvd. Their Sherman Oaks location is always busy, the booze selection is quite good. Think you will like it.

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            Cool. Thanks carter.

            Yea. Just thought the bar has a really cool, hole in the wall, dive style atmo.