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May 6, 2013 11:51 AM

What to do with Date Pits/seeds

I pitted quite a few Medjool dates teh other day and have kept the pits thinking there should be something I could do with them. I live in the South East and someone suggested growing a tree, but I do not think our climate supports the plant or the production of its fruit. Any ideas?

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  1. Put them out for the squirrels, or add them to a compost pile.

    1. grind, mix w/ olive oil and your choice of essential oil, and use as exfoliating scrub?

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        Is this a question or a statement.

        Thank you both for the suggestions. I am looking for something in which I can use them. Giving them to squirrels might make the squirrels think I've got hand outs readily and unfortunately I do not have a compost pile.