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May 6, 2013 11:06 AM


For those of you who work around this amazing deli in midtown east, I'd like to mention that they carry desserts from Ceci Cela, Chikalicious and Dough to name a few. Loving this place!!

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  1. Thanks. I really like their salad/hot food bars.

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      had nutella cupcake from chikalicious..Amazing, not too sweet, light, moist with amazing cream though i suspect it's not 100% butter base. Also bought an almond croissant from Ceci cela..Gosh, I am hooked.

    2. For lunch today, I had tripe cooked in tomato and carrot, delicious! I also had braised ox tongue, delicious as well. Had chargrilled octopus, squid in tomato garlicky sauce, cod filet in soy reduction, wild rice, roasted brussel prouts with lardon, beef rib meat meatball, Asian noodle with duck...that's about was a lot of food but I ate all $19 worth of food.