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May 6, 2013 10:53 AM

Best Thai in Central PA

We seem to have quite a few Thai restaurants in the area and I thought folks could weigh in on their favorites and best dishes to order etc.

I personally was never a fan except for lunch buffet but Amy's Thai in Carlisle has closed. Two new places have opened. Sukhothai has taken over the location previously occupied by Chapparitas in Hanover St. White Elephant is in Amy's old location. My previous favorite was Bangkok Wok in Mechanicsburg but we tried Sukhothai on Friday and we were pleasantly surprised. There were four of us and we had the. Chili chicken, vegetable pad Thai, pad see euw and pad woon sen with chicken. I tasted all three noodle dishes and they were good. You can choose your level of spice. I went for Hot which is the second highest level. It is BYOB but we did not. Typically there is live music but the musician was in the hospital. They have not really renovated or changed the decor but they have tables, booths and use white tablecloths. I did not go for the ambience and I think simply covering the border of little houses from when it was a down home diner would go a long way.

Portions were smaller than Bangkok Wok but perhaps comparable to Chalit's Thai Bistro. The prices reflected it though and so I think it was fairly priced. I will definitely go back. Didn't try any appetizers or soup yet but plan to remedy that on my next visit. Menu included standard Thai cuisine you see in all the restaurants.

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  1. Great thread! I haven't tried that many Thai places yet, but we did like Chalit. I think their strength is in their daily seafood specials. I have ordered the yellow curry from them and felt like it was (surprisingly for any Thai place) a bit bland. The seafood was a hit though.

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      We went to Chalit once and liked it. For us it came down to difficulty getting in and preferring the veg to be a little more well done. I would like to go back and try some of the other dishes. I will keep the fish in mind.

      ETA: typically we have been frequenting Bangkok Wok and sometime Pahka's Thai house in Dillsburg.

    2. I will be the first to admit that I know nothing and have had very limited experience with Thai food.

      There is a Sukhothai in Lancaster, that is quite often considered mediocre. I wonder if they are the same owner, and if so, why the one in Carlisle would be so much better. Hmm...

      Lemon Grass restaurant in Lancaster recently moved from near the Rt. 30 Outlets to in the city at N. Prince St. I was there once for lunch at the old location yrs ago and liked it very much, but I always avoided that part of Lancaster like the plague, so I'll have to check it out in its new spot. It has always gotten very good reviews.

      There is also Sa La Thai, but I have never been there nor heard much about it.

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        For some reason I want to say that they are not the same owner but I will do a little research and check it out.

      2. I would recommend Pakha's Thai House on route 15 in Dillsburg.

        It's been awhile since I've been there, but the food has been consistently good.

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          This was another standard of ours. I wish it was a little cleaner but I enjoy the beef drunken noodles and the chicken satay pretty well.