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May 6, 2013 10:46 AM

Need opinions - Arundel Mills's Sweets From Heaven: good place to get my wedding candy??

I'm doing a wedding dessert table for my wedding in two weeks. I wanted to do something unique so I'm looking around to get some ideas for my candy bar. My friend suggested a shop called Sweets from heaven at arundel mills. I live about 20 minutes away - any suggestions? I don't mind the trip but I just wanted to get some opinions, ideas, anything really. Thanks.

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  1. I would buy candy online. It's much cheaper since you'll pay by the pound at the mall. You can get giant bags/boxes of stuff, and some web sites list items by color if you have color themes for your candy bar.

    1. I second the hint to buy online., for example, has candy sorted by color or flavor. Their items are FRESH, shipping is super fast.

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        I'm sure it's cheaper, but how is the quality?

      2. you guys were right - online was cheaper (but not too much really though) but i ended up going there anyway (i called about shipping times and she told me it's usually within a week but some items might take up to two weeks) i didn't want to risk it and feel nervous all next week. Probably when I have my baby shower (hehehe.), i will definitely try that out. thanks guys.