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May 6, 2013 10:45 AM

Shinji Nohara aka Tokyo Fixer?

Anyone know how to best contact him? I've tried emailing and calling but have been unsuccessful thus far. Which is weird because a year ago I emailed him and he responded fairly quickly....would love to schedule some time with him either in July or later in the fall!

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  1. I've tried to email him and was unsucesfull too... Do u have his phone numer???? I tried yahoo and tokyofixer mail. His web page is no longer working! So sad, i am going in october!

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      81-90-3043-8138 is (was?) his phone number. But a non-working website and email would seem to strongly suggest that he's not in business anymore.

      Looking at his current URL, it looks like he was hosted by Sin Den, so you could try calling them (03-3405-4409) to ask what happened to him. They speak English there.

      1. re: Ivokos

        Huh, just a few weeks ago the website was still working but now I see it's offline. This is such a bummer and quite sudden. He was always booked when I previously was in contact with him and he seemed really into the job.

        lvokos, please do post if you ever do find out what happened! And if anyone else knows of and recommends another guide similar to what Shinji did, please post! TIA.

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          Yukari Sakamoto (author of the Food Sake Tokyo book) and her husband Shinji do private food tours and "fixing" for visiting journalists if that's what you're looking for.

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            Yukari is extremely knowledgeable and capable. She is highly recommended.

            1. re: Tripeler

              Good to know, I will definitely contact her when I can squeeze in a trip.

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              Wanted to ask if you can share the email of Yukari Sakamoto. As we are also trying to book a "tokyo fixer" for a trip next week. Thanks!

              1. re: HimUDB

                Probably too late but it is yukari dot shinji dot sakamoto at gmail dot com

        2. Shinji Nohara is most certainly still in business. His website is up and he answers to phone calls and e-mails provided on his website.

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            I've retried his email but so far no dice. The one listed on the site is full so that bounced back but another email of his I had went through but no response yet. I'll try to give him a call though others I know have tried and not been able to speak with him. Not sure why it's so difficult to get in contact with him these days? I even talked with someone who previously utilized his services that couldn't reach him anymore.

          2. I am looking fir Shinji. Been looking for months. Where can I reach him? Coming back to Tokyo in November. He assisted me when I was there in 2011.