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May 6, 2013 10:43 AM

New restaurant in Byram, CT - Char?

Drove past the old Greenwich Oyster House in Byram, CT (right by the bridge into Port Chester" and all of a sudden the gradual renovation I've been looking at seems pretty much done. It's called Char - I presumed after the fish, but Husband rightly pointed out it could also mean grill/barbecue type thing. A quick search yielded no results, but for what it's worth, thought I'd share here!

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  1. I wish them well...that location has been empty for so long.

    1. I've noticed that, too. Not getting my hopes up but it would be great to have a quality addition to the area over there. And that location has potential being on the water with decent parking and near other popular area restaurants like Tarry Lodge. I'm curious too what Char refers to and am hoping it's not another BBQ joint since we already have a bunch in the area (Dinosaur BBQ being the best)

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        Yes - it's a great location, I thought it was such a shame it had been empty for so long. I'm really hoping it's Char as in seafood...

        1. re: Mrs.Sean

          I woudl think it was a good location with plenty of parking, but every restaurant that's gone in there for about 20 years has been a failure. Odd, when people are willing to truck over to the Tarry Lodge in droves. My guess is without the Batali name, it's hard to get people to a higher priced restaurant in that area.

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            I think the place and space has to warrant the price at any point. We were last at Greenwich Lobster House ( or whatever its last incarnation was) and it was dingy and not very good at all. Hence it closed eventually. That said, it wasn't a cheap evening out and we don't mind spending for good food, drink and atmosphere- but it wasn't either of those.

      2. It's not BBQ. It's Mediterranean/Modern American. Owned by the same people that own Dolphin Restaurant in Yonkers.

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