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May 6, 2013 10:40 AM

Local food spot in DTW?

I know, I know, I cringe when I hear myself say this bc it sounds so annoying. BUT - I'm heading to Detroit for the weekend to visit a friend who is there on an extended work deployment. I have spent some quality time there myself for work, so I have had lots of terrific Detroit foods (coneys, the best Middle Eastern food outside of the Middle East, etc). So for this trip, I am looking for some places that are more farm to table, or locally sourced food. Doesn't need to be fancy or hipster, just looking to try something that is different from what I normally eat in Detroit. So think of farm to table but also think of the place with the best fresh fish you know of...thanks, Chows!!

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  1. there was just a thread on this a couple weeks ago...

    my suggestion as always is root in White Lake
    unless you need it to be "in" Detroit
    I also wouldn't necassarily recomend the Root for the best fresh fish

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      Thanks Markcron! That looks awesome. I did check out the thread, but there were only a few listed. Though Root and Tallulah looked especially good. I've been to Toast, but I think of that more as a breakfast place. And certainly don't need to be in Detroit--happy to travel around the metro area for some good chow!

    2. Grange - Ann Arbor
      Jolly Pumpkin - Ann Arbor

      1. I'm a *huge* fan of the filet mignon sandwich at Jeremy Restaurant and Bar in Keego Harbor. Upscale place with good local sourcing, but that sandwich is just fantastic. Yes, it's $14, but it comes with a side of their steak fries (better than average), and you can upgrade them to sweet potato fries or onion rings if you want for a couple of bucks more (haven't tried those...don't know if it's worth it or not).

        They offer a lot more than just that sandwich, of course, but that's my gun-to-my-head recommendation for them. It's just that good a sandwich.

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        1. re: boagman

          I live in DC, $14 for a steak sandwich sounds pretty reasonable to me! Thanks, this sounds great!

          1. re: jinksdc

            I promise you that it's worth it. It's a fantastic sandwich in every way.

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            I've only been to Jeremy's once, but it is a great place. Keep forgetting about it .... need to get back there.

          3. I had an extremely enjoyable dinner recently at Local Kitchen in Ferndale. (despite the name, it's not hyper-crazy about local sourcing, although that might change as the season changes)


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            1. re: coney with everything

              Yes Local is a great suggestion. Also Social (which I always mix up the 2 places because the names and concepts are so similar).

              1. re: Elyssa

                Both do look good and actually the beer list is what I like best on both menus! Thanks!

            2. For best fresh fish in Detroit you need to head over to Joe Muer's. It's not cheap but the food and service is excellent. If you want something a little more low-key you can always sit at the bar and just order sushi and cocktails.

              The fish is flown in fresh daily and their preparations are wonderful.

              For farm to table, if you are willing to drive out to Ann Arbor I would head over to The Grange. The menu changes daily depending on what is fresh and in season.

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              1. re: Elyssa

                Two votes for Grange and I can see why, that looks incredible! OK, I guess these two non-Michigan Big Ten alums will have to suck it up, it sounds like this will be worth it. Thanks!

                1. re: jinksdc

                  I'm also from DC and I can tell you the Grange is worth it. My fiance lives in Ann Arbor and this is our go-to spot.

                  They also have a great brunch!

                  1. re: Elyssa

                    And a decent upstairs bar with its own menu if you don't want to spend whole hog on dinner.