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May 6, 2013 08:50 AM

My sisterin law grilled some pork ribs and they're tough, can I now bake them?

I don't know the 1st thing about making ribs, but my sister in law grilled some pork ribs without baking or boiling first. They are tough and we have lots of leftovers. Can I now slow bake them on low to make them more tender. PS they are from last night and already have the bbq sauce on them

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  1. Yes. I would put them in a 250-300 degree oven iwth a bit of liquid (beer, chicken stock, etc.) and cover with foil to keep them from drying out or the sauce burning. Cook until tender.

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      I wouldn't go above 250° and let them rest in the oven. Just cook about 2 hours, turn off oven and let stand 1 hour in the hot box. Nice and tender and moist.


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        Good suggestion and maybe add bbq sauce or tomato paste/molasses, etc to the braising liquid to add flavor. THEN put back on the grill with more bbq sauce just to caramelize the outside.

      2. Sounds like she also doesn't know the first thing about making ribs.

        I agree with the PP. another option is crockpot with more sauce perhaps.

        1. maybe a braise application with extra Q sauce.

          1. thanks all, I put them in roaster pan with chix broth on the bottom and covered with tin foil and the lid at 200 degrees for 2 hours, then let sit 1 hour with oven off. They are MUCH better! you all saved my ribs! thanks!