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May 6, 2013 08:44 AM

Help with party venue??

Recommendations for a good place to have an adult birthday party in the City for about 50 people (reasonably priced, dinner, drinks, mostly adults, etc)? Location very flexible, thinking October/November timeframe and I am open to either Sat or Sun.....Would even consider brunch for a huge difference in price.....


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  1. We are going to need more specifics in order to give you suggestions. What kind of food? What is "reasonable" to one of us may not be "reasonable" to you. What is your budget per person? You say an "adult" birthday party. Does that mean the birthday person is an adult, but there will be kids in attendance? Or no kids at all? Any details you can provide would be helpful.

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      OK sure. I would say I am looking for something around $50-$75 a person. It is a 40th birthday party and there will be about 30-40 adults and about 5 children, ranging in ages from 2 to 14. I am open to any type of food. I would love to find a place with a private area or room for the group. "Relaxed and cozy" ambiance would be great i.e. couches, fireplace, etc.

      Let me know if I can clarify any more!


    2. I think your budget might be on the low side but have you contacted Hearth, Terroir, or Lupa?

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        I don't think Lupa has a private room that would fit 50 people.

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          Yes you are right. OP said 30-40 adults but I forgot to add the 5 children. Lupa's max is 30 in the reception room.

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