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Twin Seafood West Concord Excellent

We had: fried haddock sandwich, grilled yellow fin sandwich, fried belly clams, french fries, and some live cherry stone clams to take home for dinner (linguini vongole) the next night.

Short version, this place is as good as any fish shack in MA. The grilled yellow fin sandwich (over yummy charcoal) was the best fish sandwich I've had in the last year, and at $7.99 also probably the best priced. Cooked perfectly rare it was just superb with a nice 1/3 of an inch slab of tuna on a very good bun. My DC's fried fish sandwich was flaky perfection. The fried clams (smallish bellies) were delicious and nicely fried as well.

We shouldn't have even ordered the fries (HUGE small order perfectly cooked) because we did not realize the sandwiches came with them.

So happy to have such an amazing fish option in the wasteland that is metro west.

Killer meal for $40.

Seriously if this quality stands up on repeat visits, no need to head to Gloucester for my fried clam fix.

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  1. I agree 100%. We go to their 2nd/newer location in West Acton. (note the acton location has much more seating and an outdoor deck with seating too).. I get the 1/2 fishermans platter and can not finish it. You can get any of the dinners as 1/2 portions for 1/2 price +$2.. They are still huge.
    They are also really good about substitutions on things. Like if you want sweet potato fries instead of regular etc..

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      I go with a friend who asked for "One steak-fry" with her salad...They obliged...I LOVE this place!

    2. I'm not a huge fried seafood fan, however that grilled tuna sandwich sounds great. Looking at the menu looks as if there's other grilled options as well. Did you get a look at a lobster roll when you were there? It's on the way to my outlaw's house, and we're often looking for a place to stop and eat. We will check it out.

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        As we were finishing up a table came in and ordered 2 lobster rolls and two fish and chip plates. They seemed to be regulars and chowed down.

        I actually looked over their meal (shocking I know) and the portion was generous on the lobster roll with a decent amount of mayo but not too much. Might have to do a little QA myself next time and try one ;-).

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          I have got the lobster roll. Very large. Light mayo. No celery or other fillers. The time i got it though i wasnt a huge fan of the flavor of the meat. will try it again some day though

      2. Yes, excellent fish. I like the seating at the West Acton location better, especially the outdoor option.

        1. It's also BYOB. There is a store a block away that sells wine and beer.

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            Sorry, it's the one in West Acton that is BYOB.

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              Stripeer, is this the same Twin Seafood that was in Belmont and Reading,but in Reading got sold to his long time chef and changed names to Haven Seafoods? I wish the Reading one had a charcoal grille because that is a rare find! Havent had great grilled like that since Zaleks closed. Just curious if you ever go to Lobster Claw and if so, how you would compare it to Twin, or if you have been to Haven which I understand remodeled and is doing different menu with sushi.

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                Gosh the seafood place (if it is the one on Pleasant) was terrible and recently closed.

                I've never been to the Lobster Claw or Haven, so really can't compare.

                The owner of this one is a German guy. Sorry to not be of much help.

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                  Their website seems to indicate concord was their 1st seafood place that 2 brothers opened in 1991. The Acton location just opened maybe a year ago..

                  Also worth checking out is Kimballs for fried (only) seafood.. I like the one in Lancaster best but the Westford one is ok too.

          2. I miss not living within walking distance. Wife and Dr. are ok with it though I'm sure. ;-)

            1. Okay just hit it for lunch with my SO.

              Charcoal grilled wild salmon sandwhich $7.99 a generous slice of fresh meaty, perfection. Some of the best fries I've had in Boston in the last year. Forgettable slaw, but who cares.

              SO had the Fried cod sandwich; again perfection, could not be improved upon. My SO, who lived on the North Shore for four years said it was better than most of the meals that she has had at many of the classic N. Shore shacks.

              This place is just plain excellent.

              1. Decided on a shortish road trip today to visit for lunch. Ordered the Fried Fish Sandwich with Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato and Fries. There were a number of options for the sides but I heard good thing about the fries, so that was my choice. Unfortunately they did not live up to the hype, just your every day fries and a bit uneven cooking as well. They were not salted when removed from the fryer and it's almost impossible to get the salt to stick afterwards so a bit of a disappointment here. The fish on the other hand was excellent, moist and cooked to perfection with a very thin coating. Superfresh. Cole slaw was forgettable and the tartar sauce was just OK, both delivered in plastic containers. Not sure what the grilled bun was but it was also very good. Service was very friendly and the seating outside was very pleasant today.


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                  I have never found the fries to be anything special. Sysco or similar.. I usually get the sweet potato ones but even those are very ordinary. The fish/seafood though is excellent. We also like the tarter sauce they use.

                2. Went back again for lunch today. Forget the fish sandwich, forget the fries from my last visit. This is the way to go, tuna sandwich, ordered rare and onion rings. They managed to get some char on the good sized tuna while keeping it rare and the onion rings were just scrumptious! I left the coleslaw untouched but I thought the tartar sauce was a bit tastier today. I asked what the bread was and was told it was a Hoogie roll but I doubt that since it wasn't crusty at all, so the bread is still a mystery.