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May 6, 2013 07:53 AM

Cohasset Lunch

I will be in Cohasset in the near future and am looking for an upscale lunch. I see Brisa, Old Salt House and Atlantica all at the same location (Harbor Resort). What's the difference?

Ken B

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  1. That's a restaurant on Cohasset harbor. I've had lunch on the patio outside/alongside (which I believe is called Old Salt House after a small building there), the food was basic lunch choices and good and not expensive.

    It's a very pretty location and I'd choose the Old Salt House again for lunch, the restaurant is probably upscale/expensive for dinner and would be very pretty at night. Years ago it was the special dinner place for my elder relatives when we visited Scituate in the summer time.


    1. Alma Nove isn't far away (Hingham) and is pretty good. Nice views, too.

      1. All the properties in the harbor share the same ownership (Roy family) including the brick mansion opposite the restaurant (the mansion is for sale if you're interested)

        All the places you mention are in very pretty settings but the food comes second to the views. Brisa is attached to the Inn and is a probably two hundred yards from Atlantica. It is an extension of the Inn not the restaurant. I haven't been to Brisas (opened last year) but I was told it's a decent spot for a glass and a nosh. I believe they re-open early June.

        Likewise the Salt House is seasonal. It is basically a downscaled version of Atlantica with sandwiches, raw bar, fried clams etc. I believe early June is when they are reliably open.

        Atlantica is rather handsome but as stated the views trump the food and service. Not a bad choice, I find if I stick to the simple menu offerings and lower my expectations I'm fine. The prices are high for the quality but those views are nice. I think they only do lunch on the weekend and Sunday's are a big brunch day at Atlantica especially when the weather turns warmer. Also they do a lot of weddings and large parties so occasionally they are full to the brim and I would avoid those times, as the service can be deplorable.

        Brasserie Zapp at the Red Lion Inn is another option. They change chefs like hats so I can't vouch for the current kitchen (heard it's pretty good) they have a nice outdoor patio with a waterfall. In cooler weather there’s nice seating by the windows in a cozy dining room overlooking Main St.

        10 Minutes to the North and you could be at Square Cafe in Hingham which would be my choice, or Cafe Tosca, Also in Hingham, which I think is open for lunch but their web page doesn't confirm that.

        Hope that helps.

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        1. re: T.Clark

          Yes, I would go for Square Cafe over any of the Atlantica group of restaurants UNLESS view is more important than food. If view is the larger consideration, Atlantica is the most up-scale of that group. Both Caffe Tosca and Tosca are dinner only. Alma Nuove is another possibility as mentioned, better food than Atlantica but not as nice a view, nice-looking room but a teeny bit corporate-looking.

          1. re: GretchenS

            Completely agree. Atlantica or Alma Nove for the view, Square cafe for the food.

            The Salt box is still closed for the season but I wouldn't consider it Upscale.

            Not sure when in the near future you will be here but Cafe Tosca will start opening for lunch Memorial day weekend or soon after.

            I was in Bia Bistro (Main st Cohasset) recently and overheard they are considering opening for lunch for the summers as well. Nothing on their website now. Might be worth a call if you going to be in town at the end of the month. Pretty patio and good food.

              1. re: foodieX2

                Has Bia solved the noise problem? We really liked the food but quit going because we literally could not hear each other speak (at dinner). Sad because food was good and people are nice.

                1. re: GretchenS

                  The bar is still noisy so we want to have dinner we avoid the tables in that area. They are trying to fit too many people in that small space. Add to people waiting to be seated and you can barely move.

                  The back room is not too bad, even when full but it will never be considered quiet. However I can't imagine they will get the bar scene if they do open for lunch so that would help.

                  The patio on warm summers night is wonderful even with it being on Main St.

              2. re: GretchenS

                Was it open for lunch at one time, or am I misremembering?
                I'm not a big fan of Alma after a couple of visits. Food, service and overall vibe wasn't in sync for me. They do seem to have a following so maybe I'm in the minority. I agree on the decor. On a side note Whalburgers in annoying.

            1. Just got an email from Caffe Tosca and they are now open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:30-4:30, thru Labor Day.

              Kenb- where ever you end up please report back. Would love an update.

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              1. re: foodieX2

                Thanks everyone for the replies. I haven't made it down there yet, when I do I will report.

                So many choices, I hope I can try several.

              2. When I was in cohasset all the time, French Memory Bakery was always a must place to stop. Coffe and a croissant to relax with and soak up the local news from the regulars.