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May 6, 2013 07:52 AM

Tagine cookbook

What's the best tagine cookbook?

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  1. Either The Food of Morocco or Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking both by Paula Wolfert.

    1. Tagine Greats: 80 Delicious Tagine Recipes,
      The Top 80 Moroccan Tajine Recipes

      Cheap and good:
      Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook 200 Tagines & Moroccan Dishes (Paperback

      1. Thanks, rasputina. Now that you call my attention to it, the internet is in love with her.

        One comment that came up frequently about her books, however, is that many recipes appear to be unedited. Meaning, for example, there will be olives in the ingredients list, but no mention of them in the procedure. A few comments mentioned that subsequent editions have not fixed these problems. Has this been a problem for you?

        Also, have you gone for other clay pots she works with, besides the tagine? if so, which have you found the most useful and worthwhile investment? Thanks for your thoughts.

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        1. re: Kate Cortesi

          I have a tagra, a rifi and a cazuela along with a clay tagine. The tagine and the cazuela get the most use.

          I haven't had any problems with her recipes but maybe I just haven't cooked the ones people have issue with? Or it could be that once I understand the cooking method I tend to just read the ingredients or apply the same method to my own choice of ingredients.

        2. Very helpful, thank you. I've been eying the cazuela hungrily.

          Since you've been so helpful and responsive, can I get a cazuela opinion from you? I cook large volumes, almost all the time, so I'm inclined to get the biggest one I can. But the biggest ones at La Tienda (12.5 inch diameter/12 cups volume and 15 inch diameter/24 cups volume) don't have lids. The biggest one with a lid is 9.5 inch diameter and a mere 2 inches deep (9 cups of volume). Would you do smaller with a lid or bigger with no lid?

          And do you use your heat diffuser with your cazuela? I understand that these guys can take higher heat than the tagine, as long as you increase the heat gradually.

          Thanks rasputina, hope all these questions aren't too pesky.

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          1. re: Kate Cortesi

            No I don't mind the questions, I'm not an expert or anything but I don't mind sharing whatever experience I might have.

            I have the 12.5 inch one without the lid. Like you I cook larger volumes most of the time. I'd get the size you prefer and if it doesn't come with a lid, fashion one when you need it. I've used foil on mine, and my all clad frying pan lid might even fit, I haven't checked.

            You can use it directly on the burner if you cook with gas, my husband has even used it on the charcoal grill. On electric and ceramic stoves it needs a diffuser. Which reminds me I need to find my diffuser because we moved and I'm stuck with ceramic top for now. I miss my gas stove.

            1. re: rasputina

              I'm LOVING the Food of Morocco. So thanks for hipping me to a woman I am now thoroughly obsessed with.

              Question, I'm making a Tagine Mderbel for the first time this weekend. That's a spicy lamb or chicken tagine with an eggplant tomato jam poured over the top. I found this Wolfert recipe on Food and Wine. What would you serve this with? It's dark and heavy and spicy, so I worry that some of my usual sides might be bland in comparison. Is tebbouleh the best option here? Or a cucumber mint/onion salad? Any inspiration would be appreciated!