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May 6, 2013 07:38 AM

Looking for good Latin or Peruvian restaurant in Perth Amboy

I have a luncheon meeting targeted for late week. Anything in PA that is vg and not a dive (as again, I'm taking client).

Not looking for any other cuisine - though maybe Portugese may serve as an outside long shot.


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  1. Latin Grill on Amboy Ave is my choice for Peruvian in central NJ. Not fancy but definitely not a dive.

    1. Thanks =M. I'm going to try and 'steer' my client into this consideration. I'll let the site know should we dine there.

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      1. re: JustJake

        One thing about Latin Grill. If you're planning on getting there early sometimes the chicken isn't ready until around noon.

        I'm a big fan of rice and beans and Latin Grill's are always solid. Good Papa Rellena and love the stuffed avocado with chicken salad. Nothing fancy about the stuffed avocado but they make it to order with fresh chicken so it's not a goopy mess that's been sitting in a fridge for a few days.

        I'd avoid the soup and any of the lo mein dishes on the menu. Not that they're bad but there's other stuff I'd go for on the menu before those options.

        If they have the dulce de leche shortbread cookies at the counter they're worth it. They don't always have them.

        Also, if you've never had the purlple corn drink it's worth a try. Chicha LimeƱa is the name on the bottle. Delicious stuff.

      2. Portuguese Manor should do the trick in Perth Amboy.

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        1. re: coldbeer

          If I was going Portuguese I think It's worth it to drive the extra ten minutes to Fernandes 3 on RT35 in Sayreville.

          1. re: jrd303

            Absolutely. Fernandez3 is much better than the Portuguese Manner.

            1. re: cke25

              Is the Portugese Manor the old Harborside? The large white elephant on the water front? Such a shame what became of that place, and I agree completely no comparison between there and Fernandez3.

              A few weeks ago I called Fernandez3 on a Saturday around noon for a reservation, all booked till 9:30! I just ate at the original in Newark two weeks ago before seeing the Mike Tyson one man show at the PAC. Excellent as always.

              1. re: jrvedivici

                I don't recall the Portuguese Manor being on the water. I was only there once or twice years ago and I crossed it off my list. Maybe you're thinking of Seabras, all the way down on the river/waterfront. Popular for wedding receptions.

        2. Try Terrazza.

          Probably one of the nicer places in the area. I've only been here a hand full of times due to the fact I don't often travel to PA, but each time it has been very good.