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May 6, 2013 06:16 AM

The Price of Beer

Shattered's comment led me to think that it could be possibly useful to have a survey thread of who charges what for beer.

Off the top of my head...
Brasserie Cherrier, $7 for a pint of Creemore
Cafe Pi, $7 for 2 bottles of Boreale

As I do more "research" I'll add to the list. If nobody else finds it useful then I guess I'll just be talking to myself...

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  1. At Mcgibbons Newcastle pints must be about 8 since my cc says 9.42

    If it hasnt changed bottles of boreal are a dollar on thursday (?) in the architecture basement at Mcgill..

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      It's McKibbons fyi.

      It is pricey but they have pretty good happy hour specials.

        1. re: C70

          Actually its really McKibbin's
          Hehe {;-/)

      1. re: kpaxonite

        No more café in the architecture basement since Mcgill closed that down a couple years ago :/ They also tightened alcohol permits on campus so I doubt they do the one dollar bottle deal (it was in the engineering building)

        1. re: sophie.brunet

          I returned to Concordia's "Reggies" a few years after graduation - its a pub that was located off the cafeteria but then moved into the lobby area of the Sir George Williams campus.
          Its kinda wierd being the oldest guy there amongst only students...not worth the cost of cheap beer IMO, but thats me.

          1. re: porker

            thursday is the cheap night i think its 2 dollars a beer

            1. re: kpaxonite

              Sleeman pints are $2.50 until 7PM everyday and then the bottles and PBR cans are on sale until closing. Definitely worth being an old guy at Reggie's. However, the bar tenders are usually complete idiots. Last time I was there, they hadn't turned the keg refrigeration on and they were pouring out pitcher after pitcher of head. They would pour 10 pitchers at a time to let the head settle. Eventually they caught on and an hour later there was cold beer.

              1. re: catroast

                Bwahaha sounds about right for university 'staff' (read: friends and sycophants of students' council).

                Thanks for the tip on the pints! Worth being an old guy for.

                1. re: Shattered

                  tip: insist on a glass instead of a plastic cup. you will have to sit at the bar but it's worth it. they also have a bunch of unibroues on tap

      2. Bifteck: $5.75, $4.50 (I think) before 8:30. Pitchers are only $12 weekends, $11 other nights. Thursday $5 pints & $10 pitchers all night.

        Vol de Nuit: $5 pints all the time
        3 Minots: $6 pints
        Brutopia: $6 pints

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        1. re: Shattered

          Club Espanol du Quebec (4388 St-Lo): $5 pints. You can drink without ordering food (although tapas are only $8-10). Huge terrace out back, and not facing walls or someone's kitchen window, either. Methinks this would be a terrible place to meet a gal, but a great place to bring a gal.

          Copacabana (the Main dive): $6 pints. $16.75 pitchers - yowch! (pro: one of the few dives with hot food)

          Blue Dog: 2 bottles of Sleeman for $8 or some such special any given night (mixed drink specials most nights, too). No cover, and better music (mostly old school hiphop) and more chill crowd than the mainstream cheeseball clubs.

          Korova: Pros: Stupid cheap all the time.
          $5 whiskey shot + PBR quart before 11pm. $6 quarts after 11pm
          Cons: Disgustingly hot even in winter. Notorious for jackets getting stolen here. Now charge $6 cover Fri's and Sats (at a dive club - lame... although I hate the music those nights so no loss for me). But biggest con of all: If you're over 21, you're old.

          1. re: Shattered

            Correction /update: Club Espanol pints are $6. (Maybe they went up in price when it got nice enough to open the terrace?)

            Copacabana: the $16.75 pitchers are large ('true') pitchers. The small pitchers are $11.75, which is in line with Bifteck.

          2. re: Shattered

            Prices continue to creep up at Bifteck. Pints are $6, pitchers $12.50 Fri & Sat, $11.50 Sun-Wed, and those are small 2L jug pitchers, not true tall pitchers. Thursdays $5.50 pints/$10.50 pitchers. Happy hour (before 8:30pm) is $4.75 a pint. Not bad, but regular pints and weekends aren't really a deal anymore.

            Prices at a couple nearby nicer pubs...

            McKibbons St-Laurent: $6.50 domestic pints (better beer, too: McAuslan vs. Boreale at Bif).
            $4.50 pints all Sunday after 4pm (!), and happy hour (4-7pm) every other day.

            Ye Olde Orchard Prince-Arthur: $7 domestic pints, but $5 all Monday and Tues-Sat 4-7pm. No happy hour prices Sunday... but see McKibbons.

            The cheapest place remains Vol de Nuit with $5 pints all the time. The downside is, it's a hole inside. The patio is the main draw. On the upside, they've finally got something on tap aside from the just-passable hemp beers. Creemore was only $6 a pint last time I was there, fantastic deal. But that was mid-October.

          3. Not quite on-topic, but not too far off...
            I remember a story my dad used to tell. He was working on the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the 50's. A group of 6 of them stopped into the Lachine Hotel after work for a beer. They pooled their money, $2 each, for a total of $12.
            They handed it over to the waiter ordering 100 glasses of draft. Oh, and keep the $2 as tip.
            The draft was 10c a glass and a $2 tip was a big deal in 1955 Lachine.
            The waiter was more than happy, but asked, "Can I bring them out 20 at a time? I don't think we have 100 glasses..."

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            1. re: porker

              If he's still around I'm wondering if he remembers who got the extra glasses. 6 times 16 equals 96. And if I remember correctly myself, four glasses to a pint.

              And a very nice story.

              1. re: EaterBob

                He passed away in '96, but -
                I had questions myself when he told the story such as the 6x16, when did the waiter bring another round? was it when everyone finished everything? did somebody cack out before everything was finished? etc etc.
                He smiled and laughed. I don't remember his exact words (he told me this sometime in the '80s...almost 30 years ago), but it seems things started to turn fuzzy after the third and fourth round. Nothing really mattered after that point.
                He did say there was a young guy from out west who was boarding at the hotel while he worked on the seaway. He was so flabbergasted when the waiter brought the first round of 20 glasses, that he had to run upstairs to his room to fetch his camera. He never saw so much beer at one time, he wanted to take a picture.

                1. re: porker

                  Thanks. That's an awesome story. I hope that you were able to get a bunch of others as well, with or without insane amounts of beer involved.

                  1. re: EaterBob

                    Well, if I can indulge...
                    Still barely on-topic of cheap beer (it WAS the 50's)...
                    Before the plumb seaway job, times were tough for my dad, but this didn't seem to prevent him from having a good time. He hung with 4-5 friends, most were his brothers-in-law. Of the gang only one of them had gainful employment (@ Dominion Bridge in Lachine).
                    As my dad recounted: Saturday would roll around, they'd pass the hat, and go buy 2 cases of quarts. Once the 2 cases were done, they'd drive to the store and pick up 2 more ON CREDIT. The one guy who worked signed for it.
                    Sunday would be a repeat of Saturday. Sometimes there'd be a third run on credit.
                    Heres the kicker; when Christmas rolled around, Dominion Bridge doled out the bonuses. The guy buying the beer on credit would drive to the beer store and sign over his entire Christmas bonus cheque.
                    This practice went on for YEARS.

                    Seems things were quite different in those days, for better or worse.

            2. For anyone interested in the history of beer, over at ETS they have an exhibit called " Dites donc Dow! L’histoire d’une brasserie d’ici." Details here:

              and a review here:

              Then there is also "Pour boire il faut vendre. La publicité et la bière Black Horse au 20e siècle" which is at l'Entrepôt
              Details here

              1. Taverne Urbaine sur Duluth (451 Duluth E at Rivard, just east of St-Denis) has $5 pints from 4-7pm. Think they're $6.50 regularly.

                Full menu, courtyard patio, good selection of beers, really nice place.