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May 6, 2013 05:43 AM

Uncle Boons

Hello, just wondering if anyone has tried Uncle Boons yet? New Thai restaurant at 7 Spring Street..We are coming to NYC in a few weeks, and it looked like a fun place to eat..Anyone tried it yet? Thanks!

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  1. I'm curious, too. Eater just interviewed the chef/owners. If you're a line cook looking for work, they're hiring ... http://ny.eater.com/archives/2013/06/...

    1. I thought it was great but be warned music a bit loud -its a tiny place with very nice staff. I made mistake of telling waiter to surprise us and meal was very meat heavy-will try other options next time.

      1. The food is very good. The place is packed. The noise level was extremely high. They kind of follow the Pok Pok model of no pad thai, no pad see yew. I tried several dishes.
        Seared chicken livers with pineapple & basil, was very tasty.
        The Charcoal grilled dishes were great. The Pak Pali ( blowfish tails) were really good. Koong ( shrimp with heads on) were delicious and grilled to perfection.
        The Kao Pat Kuk Kapi ( spare RIB with shrimp paste fried rice with dried shrimp) This dish was amazing in a good way and a bad way. The rib was fantastic, juicy, perfect. The fried rice served with it was one of the best fried rice dishes i've eaten. It was terrific. The bad, there is only one rib. I've never heard of a rib dish with one rib. I think it cost $24 for one rib, a bit of a ripoff.
        The whole fish was a dorade and was excellent and served with the head but filleted.
        The lamb laab was "thai spicy" and very tasty.
        Every dish I had was excellent. The rotisserie chicken seemed quite popular there. If anything the prices were a bit high.
        I will definitely be back, I haven't had good charcoal grilled dishes in any restaurants here in NY. Next time I try the Khao Soi, the sweetbreads, the chicken, and the roasted oyster dish.
        I highly recommend Uncle Boon's. The service was very good.

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          i have to disagree...i ordered items that you didn't order but i found the food to be completely disappointing...or at the very least, disappointing.

          the space is great...i didn't find it to be too loud but energetic. service was great. i expected bad service but everyone was nice and competent and friendly.

          the betel leaves with dried shrimp were my favorite dish. they were a bit on the small side but tasty nonetheless. the crab dip just plain sucked. very wet, very mediocre...a bad thai crudite. also, pretty measly vegetables to dip the sauce with.

          the sweetbreads were another disappointing dish. the fry wasn't good and it really didnt work with the salad it came with. i love sweetbreads and these were absolutely forgettable.

          the khao soi was solid enough. id say it was a good dish. the version at pig and khao is just as good though.

          skimpy portions, very mediocre food, high prices for what it was...in a nice, bustling restaurant with good buzz and service. overall, i wont be back.

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            I went to Uncle Boon's again. This time at an off-peak time. The restaurant was not loud, and they back room is quite charming. Another poster commented on the place being small. I think perhaps they didn't notice that there was a back room that seats about 40 people.
            The food was again enjoyable , and perhaps a bit more spicy than the first time. The roasted oysters were not a very good dish and I will probably not get them again. That also goes for the crispy tofu with mung bean cakes. This was not a good dish. I did enjoy the sparerib over fried rice with shrimp paste again. This time the rib was cut into 2 pieces. The grilled whole fish was deboned and was delicious. I will be back

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              I've been back 4 times. I think they are a little inconsistent in their cooking. I've had the rice that the spare rib is on top of , spicy, not spicy but very good and not spicy and very overcooked. The beetle leaves were good.
              I happened to have liked the sweetbreads very much and thought they went well with the salad. Go figure.
              The Khao Soi was excellent. It could have used a bit more broth, but overall it was quite authentic, the noodles were perfect. It was the most authentic and best Khao Soi I've had.
              They do however, have you add your own spice. So if you want it "thai Spicy" you can make it that way.
              Pig and Khao has too much broth. Khao Soi in Chiang Mai is about in between these two restaurants as far as amount of broth.
              Not sure what I wrote in other posts, but the lamb laab is the spiciest dish. I wish they made other laab dishes at Uncle Boons.
              I did learn that the husband and wife chefs cooked at Per Se. Also that the wife part of the team is half Thai and grew up in Thailand. Those two credits carry a lot of weight in my book.
              I'll keep going and assume it will get better. I hope they get more consistent.
              I hate the game new places play, by saying there is a long wait, and yet there are many tables open. They do this to keep the hype going. I hate it. Buddakan used to send people to the bar and make them wait a half hour. But if you said you don't drink, immediately they seat you. Anyway, I'm a fan of Uncle Boon's and I frequent Pig and Khao.

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                if i recall, i called ahead on a saturday night and they quoted me an hour wait at 830pm. i got there at 845 and said it would just be 5 minutes.

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              Is that Danny Bowien in the bottom right-hand corner of that photo?

            2. I thought it was great (agree with below posters that crab dip mediocre and to be avoided) but the chicken liver curry, betel leaves, and green curry (been a long week and can't remember details) were all fantastic.