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May 6, 2013 05:42 AM

Benihana teppanyaki at Royal York Hotel

Hi. I'm surprised I couldn't find any hits when searching for this place.

Anyway, how long does the teppanyaki dinner here usually take? Do they try to rush your dinner if I'm dining near the closing time? i.e. rushing hot food to your plate when you're still eating the previous course?


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  1. You won't find much here. Not really a foodie type place. More tourists/entertainment type location.

    1. It may be touristy, but it's one of my fav places to go. Slightly awkward, I know. I've been going for about 20-25 years though, and it's really what started my 'foodie' revolution. I'd never eaten shrimp/shellfish before the first time I had it a Bennihanna, so kind of a sentimental favourite. In any case - dinner usually takes 90-120 minutes. They don't rush you and are typically very patient. Service is friendly and adequate. They also always do the smoking volcano thing... and yes, I know, it's pretty tacky - but the food is always good there - and the shrimp are worth a visit alone.

      1. Thanks guys. I was craving the teppanyaki dinners I had as a kid... and I was working late in the area.

        I did end up there and let's just say it wasn't like the restaurants I'm used to. The cooking of the whole dinner (not counting apps or anything else) goes by in 30 mins. Everything gets piled on one plate vs. the separate plates I'm used to. That made everything look very cheap--like a $20 take out meal. The shrimp was good but tiny--maybe they got it on sale. The sauces and soup were very westernized. justxpete, I think the place might have went downhill since your last visit.

        There's also a big variation between the different chefs. Our chef just went through the motions of cooking and didn't put on any show whereas the other chef put on more of a show, but only just slightly. Their skills were really pathetic if you ask me. They didn't even light the volcano up. Also, with the steak, there's a section of fat that they just cut off and throw out right at the end of the cooking (without asking you). Our chef cut off approx 2 oz. So my 8 to 10 oz ($13) upsize went into the trash.

        Anyway, that's my first teppanyaki in North America. If anyone is turned off by their experience there, please don't let that discourage you from visiting the ones in Japan. They make the Benihana chefs look like the made-to-order buffet chefs.

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          The small shrimp might be a sustainability issue. The Royal York is big on oceanwise ect. so that may have been the issue there. The rest inexcusable.

          1. re: Wandering Foodie

            You may be right - it may have gone downhill - but as Jenna mentioned - it's not really a 'foodie' destination, per se - hence it's absence from this board. Perhaps your expectations were too high?

            It's over-priced, and what I would qualify as only 'good' food. Not great, just good. Portions are normally huge.

          2. BTW, it seems the search box isn't working for me. It couldn't find anything but the "Discussions You Might Also Like..." sidebar on this thread clearly shows another result: