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The new chain in town. Cheddar's. Info please.

From I95 to the beaches, US 192 is a grazing delight. Or hell. From Chuckee Cheese to 3 table Cuban home cooking. Fine high end Italian to Olive Garden. So what are we in for. The web site states made from scratch. Originally from Texas. Will it be better than Steak n Shake?

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  1. I don't care for it. Been there 3 times and the best thing I had was the hamburger.

    First trip I got the shepards pie. Wasn't a shepards pie, ground beef and peas in weak gravy over mashed potatoes.

    Second trip was a cajun pasta thing. Dry, overcooked, tiny shrimp, a few pieces of sausage in a flavorless "cajun" sauce with penne.

    Third trip, I played it safe and went with the burger. It was ok.

    My wife loves this place. I have no idea why.

    1. I haven't eaten there in years, but I have family members that really enjoy it. I would compare it more to a casual Chili's than Steak n Shake. My recollection of the food is just middle of the road, but they serve a huge, warm croissant with the Caesar salad that was delicious.

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        That croissant has earned it at least one stop. Thank you.

      2. I've eaten there twice and thought it was horrible. YMMV.

        1. Had one in Des Moines for years. Went out of business a few years back. I remember really liking the Cajun Chicken strips. Ordered with extra cajun seasoning. Off the appetizer menu you got a lot pretty cheap.
          Keep in mind the last time I was there was at least 15 years ago.

          1. Huge portions of cheap, lousy food. Was there 3 or 4 times, never had a decent bite of food.

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              This area is awash in cheap lousy food served in huge portions. Will open in the next month and I will make at least one trip for the croissant.

              Why is it impossible to get a European croissant in North America?

            2. And here is my take on Cheddar's.

              This place is minting money. Hoping to avoid the Noon rush, I arrived at 1:10 and was told there would be an hour wait. Came back at 5:00PM and there was a line out the door. In 90 degree weather. Drove past 3 other times with people waiting outside. With 20-30 more inside.

              Arrived at 11:10 AM and was seated. Place was filled by 11:30.

              The hostess and server were wonderful. Due to a fault in the kitchen, she kept coming by so I would not feel forgotten.

              Coke arrived immediately and Caesar salad about 10 minutes later. Problems with the croissant.

              This was a darn good salad. Portion was fine, shaved cheese, 1/2 inch ribbons of romaine, with for me the perfect amount of dressing. Lightly coated with no puddle in the bowl.

              Country fried steak arrived with mashed potatoes. Large portion for lunch, and generous with the potatoes. The steak was fork tender as advertised. Breading had a spicy as well as peppery component. I just wish the batter had been thinner as it was twice as thick as the steak.

              White gravy was well seasoned. Used for both the potatoes as well as the steak. Naturally.

              I am not a fan of chunky mashed potatoes with bits of skin. I should have asked my server as she was very knowledgeable. They were again well seasoned and did not appear to come out of a bag.

              I finally got my roll half way through the meal. The one that was supposed to come with the salad. Raw inside. Somebody must have forgot to turn the bake oven on during morning prep. There were a lot of servers leaving the kitchen with nothing but little plates of rolls.

              Sitting close to the kitchen, there was a lot of yelling going on.

              I passed on dessert.

              Am I going back? Once more for dinner. The kitchen has yet to shake down after 3 weeks. They are across from Red Lobster and a few blocks from Olive Garden. Interesting to see what happens after 6 months.

              1. I was there last Friday. Not my choice but I thought I'd give it a shot. The portions were humongous. Truly, I can eat, and I couldn't even make a dent in the chicken fried steak, it was easily 8 inches by about 4 inches, and, kind of oddly, perched on a big slab of white bread. Pile of potatoes. Broccoli-cheese casserole. Everything was very, very, not -very -good. Not bad. Just not good. The steak had a nice crust but the meat was very pre-fab tasting, and had an odd, over-tenderized (like, by drano) texture. The potatoes were okay, not special, and the cream gravy was the stuff from the big envelope, which is tasty enough, because it's gravy. The broccoli was frozen bits with a processed cheddar with rice. Eh. The service was lovely, very friendly and very concerned with whether we were having a nice time. I can't imagine wanting to go back, but I'll bet she talks me into it eventually...

                1. I have friends that love this place, so I have to go fairly often. One person always gets the BBQ ribs. They're "fall off the bone" style ribs, which I personally hate. I don't get the fascination with this style of ribs - I mean, who can't overcook ribs? All you have to do is to keep cooking them, or any meat, long enough and eventually it will "fall off the bone." So, although the flavor is good, the ribs are overcooked and mushy, with no "rib" texture.

                  If you like mushy ribs, or are having problems with your dentures, you might like these ribs. I definitely don't. So I always get a salad. I think their salads are pretty good, and a couple of them are really good. If you have to go there, and like mushy ribs, get them. If you don't, a salad is what I recommend you get.

                  1. It's okay. They have a lot a variety, which means nothing is spectacular. They have pretty good croissants with honey butter. More honey butter than anything though. Their chicken pot pie is decent. I would rate it all at mediocre. No sides come with your meal, which is weird for a chain. It's relatively cheap until you add all the sides, a salad and a drink. I do like it better than Steak 'N Shake, but I also think they're going for a more sit down feel. Not so much fast food.

                    1. The grilled fish tacos are pretty good. And this was the place where the bartender must have once worked at a Waffle House, because she kept topping off our wine glasses- at no charge! Shouldn't have driven home that night...

                      1. It's a chain so keep that in mind, but it's decent - much better than say Applebees or Olive Garden. Agree with the other posts that say the portions are huge and the prices are a little less what you would find for comparable items at other chain restaurants. Chicken Fried Steak and their Chicken Tenders are good bets and their croissants with honey butter are delicious. Juicy half pound hamburgers on toasted buttered brioche buns are really good as well. Nice atmosphere (at least at the one near us) and above average service. Overall have to give it a 7 out of a scale of 10, and would not hesitate if I were you to give it a try.