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May 6, 2013 02:34 AM

pandas at national zoo

Hi was looking for a breakfast and dinner rec somewhere near zoo, but will have car so travel not issue. We like farm to table, local, home made,type of aces, also. Asian, but not sushi. Don't have hotel yet , any ideas n that of be great.

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  1. Sorry my tablet has a mind of its own for spelling

    1. One metro stop up from the zoo is Cleveland Park. Depending on where you stay, it is not too far to walk. Hint - take Metro TO Cleveland Park (which is uphill from the zoo) and walk back to zoo. Cleveland Park has quite a range of good restaurants including Ardeo, Dino, Palena, Lavandou, and a number of less expensive places. There is a pan-Asian place called Spices. For breakfast, maybe Firehook Bakery?

      The zoo actually has package deal hotels:

      Having a car is an issue. Traffic is terrible, our streets are confusing, and parking is limited and expensive.

      1. For dinner Cleveland Park might offer up some options for you, in particular I would check out Palena (the cafe not the more upscale back room), Ripple and Ardeo.

        Also not far from the zoo is Adams Morgan which has 2 excellent restaurants right next to each other: Cashion's Eat Place and Mintwood Cafe. Both great neighborhood finds...Cashion's tends to change its menu more seasonally.

        For breakfast not far from the zoo is Open City. It gets REALLY crowded on the weekends though.

        1. One of the most interesting breakfast spots in the area (maybe all of DC) is, in my opinion, at Keren.

          For something quick/casual, try Vace (pizza, italian deli) or Byblos (middle eastern).

          Failing that, I understand Pandas are also quite tasty ...

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            I've been secretly teaching the pandas kung fu so you better watch it.

          2. Quick breakfast nearby at Palena's bakery (attached to the restaurant, check on the hours to make sure) -- amazing baked goods to go. Pick up something yummy there, then get coffee at Firehook and sit in the amazing back patio area. It's a real gem in DC.
            Or, on a weekend, brunch at 2 Amy's, but beware of long waits.

            For dinner, the Adams Morgan suggestions are good, or else consider consider driving to Maple or Room 11 in Columbia Heights. Or Bistro Bohem in Shaw, it's one of my favorites. There's a new place there called Table which might fit your bill.