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May 5, 2013 07:51 PM

Food trucks at SoWa market

Hi! I went to the opening day of the SoWa farmers market on opening day today. It was jammed packed which was great to see so many people coming out for the day. There were not many veggies and the farmers market part was pretty thin but it is early in the season, but there was a huge showing for the artists market and the food trucks galore! We chose items from the Halal chicken and rice truck and Bon Mi. The chicken was meh at best. The rice had a nice color but zero taste, the white sauce tasted like untreated mayo, the microscopic pita was stale but at least seasoned, the lettuce had seen better days and the chicken was actually more bland then the rice - sadness... Bon Mi was fantastic. You would never know you were eating out of a truck and sitting in a parking lot. Did anyone else go and what where your thoughts? We are going back next Sunday and do not want to miss any high spots! Thanks!

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  1. I was not there, but the Clover folks made a point of telling me they'd be at SoWa for the first time last weekend. Bon Me is indeed quite good. Love that BBQ pork sandwich. That's too bad about Chicken & Rice Guys. I quite like their stuff, but stick to the lamb with either hot or bbq sauce.

    1. I haven't gone this year, but went last when the fruits and veggies were at their peak. I tried the two things that I went for, Clover and Bon Me.

      Loved the Bahn Mi sandwhich, but it was much pricier than the ones I get from Chinatown. It's and excellent sandwich though.

      1. The wife and I checked out the market for the first time on Sunday. We both got a burger from Boston Baddest Burger truck and it wasn't the baddest, or the worst burger I've had. Kind of overcooked and dry but I was starving, so I scarfed it down. Hot dog from them was unremarkable too.

        Maybe its just me, but waiting in a line to order, waiting for the prep, and then having to sit on the ground to eat, just not my idea of a good time.