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Fresh (refrig) v jarred Salsa from supermarket

When to use which? I like both -- just wondering...

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  1. I prefer the fresh refrigerated salsa (a local brand) OR the little cans of Herdez. For some reason, I find that the jarred Herdez tastes like a different salsa all together. All that said, I grew up on Pace!

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      ...oops! I missed your post, pagesinthe sun!

      Pipe up, fellow Herdez fans! :)

    2. I always buy the refrigerated kind. I buy a brand called "Santa Barbara", and like their salsa taqueras, which are smooth salsas on the hotter side, but their pico de gallo is good too. http://www.sbsalsa.com/indexprod.html

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        These "Santa Clara" salsas used to be labelled "Santa Barbara," but they seem to have been spun off:


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          Oh looks like... the logo is pretty much the same. I think the Santa Barbara one at least is owned by Sabra now.

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          I use fresh medium salsa for dipping, and I also use it (drained) to add to avacado for guacamole.

          I use Santa Clara jarred salsa for cooking certain things.

          Oops. This was for the original poster.

        3. I bought the refrigerated kind just last night - two varieties.

          Now granted I'm allergic to tomatoes, so I can't eat either.

          But I served it at a family gathering today. My homemade guac was killed, my homemade corn salsa was mostly gone, and even my 'trashy' cheese dip (I couldn't find the ingredients I wanted, so I went with at the last minute.) was gone.

          Salsa - barely touched.

          1. I know this makes me a heathen, but I prefer the jarred type, and I'm partial to La Victoria Salsa Ranchera. I like the cooked texture and find it sticks better to chips when dipping. I also add it to guac and cook with it.

            I find the fresh refrigerated kind too watery and runny and I never like the flavor. And if you drain it, it's just a chopped salad. No thanks. Also, it spoils too quickly.

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              i prefer refridgerator fresh salsa only when i make it. otherwise it tastes to citric acidy for me. if it's store bought, i'm a jar girl.

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                I know exactly what you mean! That's not lime juice that's burning my stomach!

            2. I prefer fresh when using as a taco topper as I find jarred too heavy in that case.
              But I prefer jarred Tostitos Chunky Salsa as a chip dipper or spread on cheese omelets!

              1. Always the fridged one, if I'm not making my own.

                1. I prefer the jar for tacos as I find the fresh refrigerated pico de gallo style salsa to be too watery for this purpose although I usually make a taco salad so perhaps that's the issue rather than it just being on top of tacos. I love the fresh salsa for dipping purposes. My favorite recently is the Whole Foods brand Cantina style salsa.

                  1. Just because someone's going to mention it sooner or later, Herdez Salsa Casera. I prefer the hot version, but YMMV. (And it's not really super-forehead-sweating-hot, just hot enough.)

                    I just went to the Herdez homepage for the first time, and found a bunch of other varieties that I wish my local Vons would carry...they make a salsa taquera (like the salsa they put on tacos) that I'd love to try.

                    1. I like Garden Fresh the best for everything, especially when I make a Costco run and the big container can be had for $5

                      But there's an emergency container of Herdez in my pantry.

                      1. Depends what store I am in. In WF I prefer the refrigerated kind as the tomatoes always look fresh and they make theirs spicy but occasionally I will buy jarred. At Hannaford’s (big box grocery) the refrigerated kind always looks watery and anemic. No idea if its spicy as I have never been tempted to buy it. Stop and Shop (big box grocery) can go either way. There two local specialty places where I always buy fresh. However come summer, once the tomatoes come in, I always make my own!

                        1. I like both but it depends on what I am eating. I will cook with jarred. I use fresh more for eating straight. I also make my own fresh, never cooked because I prefer the bright flavors

                          1. I won't eat the fresh/refrigerated salsa from the supermarket or made at home or in a restaurant.

                            I don't like/eat fresh tomatoes, ketchup or tomato juice. I do like/eat tomato sauce, soup or stewed tomatoes.

                            I am not a fan of hot/spicy food but have found 2 jarred salsas I love:
                            Ortega Mexican style with beans MILD. I used to like the Ortega mild, but they changed the recipe and it's too much jalapeno for me. The one with the beans is mild and I can eat an entire jar with chips.
                            Price Rite (a lower price chain owned by Shop-Rite) private label Mild. Dirt cheap at $1.99 for a double size jar. The Shop Rite provate label mild is not the same and it's too spicy for me.

                            For cooking, I use the Gold's Brand medium salsa for my Mex Necks and Balls......
                            chicken necks and beef meatballs baked in a pyrex dish drowned in the salsa....50 minutes at 350 F.............