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May 5, 2013 06:44 PM

Potala - vegan gem in Albany

Delicious vegetarian. Amazing deal for $13.95. Very macro(biotic).

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  1. Menu's very similar to Shangri-La in Emeryville and some of the wording on the web site is identical. I think they must have some sort of connection.

    1. Could you tell a little more about what you liked? I popped in there once and picked up a weird cult-like vibe, so I left without trying the food. If it's good, I'll go back.

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        The chef used to be at Shangri-La and is doing pretty much the same thing at Potala. Here's my post on Shangr-La:

        SF Weekly post on Potala:

      2. Very much like Shangri-La but the food's tastier. Lunch prices are $11 for the smaller portion and $13 for the larger. People were very friendly. They have some desserts, too.

        If it's macrobiotic they don't say anything about it.