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May 5, 2013 06:13 PM

Can we talk about the chicken at Isa?

I recently went to Isa in Williamsburg for lunch. Felt like some meat and roast chicken was the only one on the menu. I usually don't order roast chicken in restaurants (feel like i can make a good one at home if i want it) but went ahead, since there weren't any other meats on offer.

all I can say is, Wow! This may actually be the best roast chicken I've ever had. The skin is a deep, burnished bronze, super crispy and crackly, and the meat itself is totally juicy and flavorful. Not to mention, it comes in a pool of a delicious oily condiment that the menu calls green sauce but which didn't resemble any green sauce I've ever had before.

I guess I would have to order the chicken again before I could be sure that it was consistently outstanding, but based on my one experience, I would totally recommend this dish.

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