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May 5, 2013 04:53 PM

Weekend in Cleveland

Hi all. Looking for recommendations for an upcoming weekend in Cleveland.

Any type of recommendation is welcome: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks. Any price points.

We'll be staying downtown, but will have a car.

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    1. Hit the Velvet Tango Room for drinks. For fancy dinner try Lola or Johnny's Downtown. For funky good food and drinks go to Greenhouse Tavern. For Saturday lunch head to the West Side Market and then to Great Lakes or Market Garden on 25th for beers and people watching. If you are heading to the east side for museums go up Mayfleld to Little Italy and restore with gelato, cannoli and cookies from Presti's or Corbo's. Dive bars to consider are the Harbor Inn, Hotz's, Parkview. Treehouse (not a dive) is good for attractive young people and a nice patio.

      1. Just spent a few days in Cleveland. Had one meal at Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse. It was fair. I've had better meat at other Brazilian Steakhouses. Better quality cuts and seasoning. Meat service left something to be desired. Only a couple of servers asked about choice of wellness. The salad bar was pretty good with a nice selection of veggies, olives and peppers. Sides were average with some good polenta cakes when they brought out fresh, hot ones. I drank guarana soda so didn't have any wine but the list looked kind of generic. Overall service was adequate. I'd give Brasa maybe a 5 1/2 out of 10 rating.
        Went to Bo Loong for dim sum Sunday afternoon. The food was better than average with superb radish cakes. Staff & service was horrible though. Rude, unhelpful and actually anxious for us to leave so they could finish setting up for some large private Mother's Day gathering they were having. We were more of an annoyance than a client they might like to revisit their establishment. Not sure if I'd go there again or not.
        Melt Bar & Grill (on Cedar) was great. The Diablo burger I had was tasty. Need some habanero's on that thing though. The beer selection was superb. Watching the Red Wings win only made the experience better. Go Wings! Melt is a fun place to hang out with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Don't miss it.
        Lastly, visited the Westside Market on a Monday morning. It's early in the season so the selection of produce was a bit limited but the things I saw looked good. A 2nd bldg. houses meats, seafood, baked goods & foodstuffs. Also some prepared food stands for immediate eating. The variety of smoked meats & cheeses were wonderful. This market is worth a visit, especially as the summer heats up.