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May 5, 2013 04:23 PM

Best San Antonio Asian Grocer

Headed to SA to buy Kaffir lime leaves, fresh lemongrass stalks, rice flour, a hunk of galangal, some Thai chiles, etc. Which of the six or so in town is best bet for selection, freshness, etc.

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  1. Tim's market, Huebner and Bandera.

    1. I agree Tim's Market is the best overall Asian market in SA

      1. Hi Dick..+3 on Tim's market. The help isn't the friendliest, but
        if you know what you're after, it is the place to be. I was in
        Central Mkt. yesterday and noticed that they also have a
        decent selection of galangal, & gingers, but can't say if they
        had lemon grass. I grow Kafir Lime, so I didn't notice that, either. For some canned and pkged. products, right here in
        Kerrville, we have a good market...."Alterations-n-Asian- Market" No, I'm not kidding. 2590 Junction Hwy., in that little strip mall behind the Rio River Café. Deng is a sweetie
        and will help. She also has cellophane noodles, rice wrappers for rolls and a number of other items... jarred pickled ginger, chilis, etc. Give the shop a look the next time you're out that Hwy.

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          AZ, you're good for me! I like the migas at Rio Ranch Cafe if the young cook is cooking, so I go there some, but I am very spooky about "trying" new food stores. Have glanced at that store, but never crossed the threshold. Will do so promptly. And Tuesday, I'm at Tim's. Thanks.

        2. Tim's is fairly good but small compared to the larger store called

          Hung Phong Oriental Market
          243 Remount Rd
          San Antonio, TX 78218

          1. HolyCow, does Hung Phong also carry cookware? I'm interested in one of those gizmos for serving shabu-shabu
            It has a cooker in the center for broth or oil, a place to put a fire source, then several sections for items to be cooked. When I lived near Seattle, there was a terrific Asian market with all kinds of "stuff" I couldn't identify and I'm kicking myself for not picking up some things there. I'm still in the

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              Amazinc: Your inquiry about cookware reminded me of one of my alltime favorite posts by my alltime favorite food blogger, and it features a piece of cookware that fascinates me:


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                I know what you are talking about, but forgot what it's called. By the way,Remount is off of the IH-35 access road. I've driven by it when I've headed up from going to Fort Sam.Never have been to Hung Phong,but it is a place you have to be looking for ,as I found it one day by accident,but didn't go in.In Fact,there once was a station or small community called Remount. Think the Texas Handbook Online has some information on it.