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May 5, 2013 04:22 PM

Erbaluce recs?

Hi all, I'm traveling to Boston soon and plan on going to Erbaluce for dinner one night. I'm fascinated by the restaurant's concept, and I follow the chef on Facebook and think he's a class act.

So what dishes would you recommend? It appears the menu is driven by what's fresh daily. But still any rec's you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. You must have the wild boar meatball appetizer. They're on the bar menu, not the dining room menu, but they will serve them in the dining room if you ask.

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      I'll second the meatballs. My other suggestion is to check out the menu that day. So many of their best dishes are seasonal ones. I was underwhelmed by the wild boar chops. It is such a lean meat that they need to keep them very rare. I think there are always better options on the menu. Chef Draghi does great things!

    2. I love all the wild boar dishes (the main with grapes) -if they have the clams with fennel in broth on the menu or sardines are in, I love what he does with those. If the pasta includes any with mushrooms, especially wild foraged mushrooms, go for it. I only respond because you ask: I have found this is a restaurant that seems to defy an easy niche and, though I love it, others have wondered what I'm raving about.

      1. Trish we went last evening. Husband started with pea tendril salad , then had very fresh bluefish. I had spicey cavatelli with tomato and ricotta. I agree the wild boar meatballs are fabulous and all his fresh shrooms and seasonal veggies are cooked to perfection. I did start with order of fiddleheads that were excellent. Just enjoy the specials, fish and pastas and you will be in great shape.

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          Thanks for all your responses. Wild boar meatballs yum, that's on the list! I'm fond of trying new places that think outside the box in a way that makes food delicious not just to make it a spectacle. I'm hoping to make it to Strip T's again too on this trip.

          CapeAnne, lucky you to get fiddleheads! Tis the season!

        2. Although I was intrigued by the idea, I cannot recommend the chocolate/eggplant dessert. I found it texturally mushy, mono-flavored, and *not sweet enough for my palate

          *though at Erbaluce's level I can only assume they are culturally correct in making a less-sweet dessert and I am a sweet-tooth American in this case.

          1. I love Erbaluce mostly for the very special specials. Id sit at the bar and engage your barkeep to hear what's really exceptional that night. They are very knowledgable about the food and can suggest good wine pairings.

            The only ONLY thing I've been disappointed with sometimes is the pasta although I have a friend who will burn his house DOWN for the carbonara. If that's on the menu do yourself a solid.