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May 5, 2013 04:03 PM

In-Drawer Knife Racks

Does anyone have any experience with in-drawer knife racks or blocks? How well do they work? Any recommendations? --Thanks.

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  1. I had a wooden in-drawer rack, with slots for each knife. In the end, I didn't like a few things -

    1. Losing a drawer
    2. having to open a drawer to get to my knives
    3. Every time I pulled a knife from it's slot, I could feel some drag. I'd rather dull my knives on food than wood.

    I prefer countertop blocks or wall-mounted magnetic strips.

    1. I've used the same countertop block (L.L.Bean) for the last 30 years. Over that time, I've never had any thoughts of doing anything differently, although I have (at times) considered getting a bigger one.

      1. Twelve years ago, when we built this house, I went from wall-mounted magnetic bars to a wooden block in a drawer. For me, it's a draw. I like each system for different reasons. The block works very well without drawbacks.
        Edit: I have never opted for a countertop knife block. My knives are not standard issue (read: a 'set') and would not fit comfortably into a block. I also would not care to designate counter space to a block.

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        1. re: Sherri

          Mine aren't a set. I bought a generic block with enough slots for my knives. They fit fine, although I'm using the really wide cleaver slot to hold both my 10" bread slicer and 10" slicer. They fit with room to spare.

        2. Hi, Luwak:

          In my main residence, I have a "drawer block". I like it just fine. I have a couple long-bladed knives (scimitar and slicer) that won't fit in it, but other than that, I'm happy with it.

          My beach house has a magnetic bar, and I like that one, too. I'm not that fond of countertop blocks. I've had a few, and they never seem to hold what I need them to hold and still be easy to draw out the blades.


          1. surfaces or stow-space - which is more important?

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            1. re: hill food

              With over 200+ kitchen knives, we use a few in-drawer knife tray inserts to keep our knives protected and sharp.

              In previous years, we have a mix of counter top knife blocks, and admittedly the remainder piled in the drawers. Rolling them around in the drawers looking for something, meant that the knives soon needed a good sharpening each time we finally pulled them out.

              Currently I leave my primary knives in a Global Knife block with 10 slots. The large slots actually allow 12-14 knifes to be placed in the block, including small paring and universal knives. The primary knives are used, then washed cleaned and hung to dry on a Rösle magnetic rail over the sinks and then dried and placed back in the block. I then store this block away back inside a large cabinet drawer at night.

              Annually the Global block is pulled apart from the rubber base and cleaned and sanitized inside and out, slots included. Once cannot do that as well using a wood block.

              The secondary collection of knives are placed in expandable maple drawer inserts, which are blocked into place to prevent them moving around. ( All drawers use Accuride drawer slides to facilitate the loads, lock into place, and to prevent each heavy drawer from dropping down ). The inserts can hold around 30 large knives each.

              The remainder of knives (Gruppe 3) are locked away in chef knife carriers, such as meat cleavers and butcher tools. They are not used that often, but are kept surgically sharp.

              Having cut myself quite well at 15 in a Paris cooking school (reaching to dry a wet knife, blade pointing up on a magnetic rail), I secure the knives to prevent accidents with guests or children. Handle up correctly or not, everything (appliances, cookware, glassware, and cutlery) gets put away after meals.

              1. re: SWISSAIRE

                Hi, Robert: "...expandable maple drawer inserts..."

                Wie gehts? Ihre Quelle, bitte?

                Vielen Dank,

                1. re: kaleokahu

                  My Dear Kaleo;

                  I'm very well, Thank You.

                  1. The source some years ago was a home-woodworker either on EBAY.CH or Ebay.DE. There is or was also a drawer knife option including magnets which we did not choose.

                  2. I did purchase a metal drawer insert for knives from GLOBAL KNIVES, but we do not use it. It only accepts a few knives, and would not accept most of the larger and more common German or French thick-bladed knives.

                  3. IKEA in Switzerland had a good organized drawer insert. That was the basis of our kitchen cabinets and doors. This product might also be available with the IKEA stores North America (?)

                  4. POGGENPOHL offers a drawer insert for kitchen drawers, which is quite popular. One piece of wood, cut into slots so that a number of knives can be placed inside, each laying on the side. Heavy yes, but beautiful and functional.

                  With any good knife collection of 12 or more kept in a drawer insert, I would seriously suggest the simple inclusion of good drawer slides (ball bearing) considered first. Very easy and quick to install. You would not want the weight of everything to bring a drawer loaded with sharp knives down on your feet.

                  A helpful link:

                  I believe you have even better Bespoke or Custom resources in North America for such products. At the time of my research and purchase, I recall seeing similar drawer-knife inserts with EBAY.CA or EBAY (USA). A one size fits all insert. The sellers unfortunately did not ship to Europe at the time.

                  I hope this is helpful.

                  1. re: SWISSAIRE

                    I will check them out. Vielen Dank!