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May 5, 2013 03:53 PM

Going for 3 weeks, and staying near Gordes in Provence. Any fabulous meals to share would be appreciate

We want to eat everything wonderful, when in Provence.
Staying near Gordes for first 3 weeks of June.
Any fabulous meals to share would be appreciated.

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  1. There are several threads to be found on this area, with great reviews/reports to help you decide. To start you off, I'd recommend the following:
    La Ferme de la Huppe (Gordes)
    l'Auberge des Carrières (les Taillades)
    l'Arôme (Bonnieux)
    le Fournil (Bonnieux)
    Babouchka (Coustellet) - for tajine / coucous
    Recommendations with caveats:
    la Bartavelle (Goult) - gets rave reviews but we've always found the hostess/serveuse to be cold & brusque. We had a reservation for a party of 8 on Mon the 22nd of April; she insisted we had booked for the 29th (how easy is it to flip to the wrong page in the reservation book?) and refused to admit the possibility that the error was theirs, or that it was a simple misunderstanding. (We were celebrating something so we were quite sure about the date when booking.) Wouldn't even offer to call another restaurant, just told us to come back on the 29th (we did not)...and scowled when 2 of our party went to use the toilettes.
    le Castelas (Sivèrgues): friends from Gordes dined there a few weeks ago and said it has returned to its former self. Great food; a few animals (that will hopefully be fruitful & multiply). Plus they recently renovated their kitchen (as per Health Dept requirements) so it seems like they're here to stay. Nephew Leonardo is back serving as well. However we haven't had a chance to go back there ourselves, so can't vouch for it personally.
    Restaurants a little further away:
    le Mas du Capoun (Mollégès)
    le Bistrot du Paradou (le Paradou)
    le Potager du Mas (at the Mas de la Rose / Orgon)
    le Formal (Aix-en-Provence)
    le Restaurant du Lac (la Motte d'Aigues)
    Bastide de Capelongue (Bonnieux) - stunning setting overlooking the village of Bonnieux
    Domaine de la Coquillade (Gargas) - another stunning setting overlooking a vineyard. They have just renovated their bistro restaurant (last time we were there the prices were typical of the area - maybe €40 for 3 courses) so the menu might have changed. Le Gourmet is the more expensive restaurant, but not nearly as expensive as Capelongue.
    Be sure to check the closing days of each restaurant, as they vary tremendously. And book in advance.