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May 5, 2013 03:45 PM

Beachcomber Brewery - top of the bypass - off Langdale ferry (Sunshine Coast / Gibsons)

anyone know anything?

i saw the sign as i went by the other day off langdale ferry - lovely property, very visible location (who doesn't need to get on or off a bc ferry there on that bit of the mainland (no fancy bridge over to there))

i wonder what it will be like. I hope it's vibrant and interesting and great quality and an easy place to all fit in.

the sign (on what was a former plant nursery and florist apparently) - says ' it's a beer farm ' or similar catchy line - there's a big red barn so the sign is quite appropriate.

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  1. we drove by the other day and I see it has a sign up with hours of business posted - if anyone is going over to the coast, it might be an interesting stop (the kids can run around outside ; )

    big red barn at the top of the bypass road from bc ferries langdale terminal (ie do NOT merge on to North Rd - instead go straight to stop sign, go across, then right in to their driveway)

    Mark Strand involved? I don't know for sure.
    I hope it works out for them.