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May 5, 2013 02:55 PM

Moxy Beer Garden - Berkeley

Burgers, fries, salad, beer. Formerly Cafe Casa, Sacramento at Woolsey / 66th.


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  1. A turkey burger? Yes!

    1. Rotating selection of 14 beers on tap, all more or less local.

      I got a basic burger ($9), hold the cheese (included in the price, though that's not currently on the online menu). Griddled, nice beefy flavor, bigger than Trueburger. Menu gave the name of the ranch, grass-fed, hormone-free, etc. Bun was OK, slightly small for the size of the patty, fell apart toward the end. Good butter lettuce and red onion. Tomatoes available on request when in season. For $1.50 extra you can get a house-made gluten-free bun. Tasted a patty melt, very good.

      Small fries ($3.50) are a huge serving, enough for two or three people to share by my standards, large fries could serve six or eight. I preferred the garlic fries with chipotle aioli to the parmesan fries with "truffle" aioli.

      Salad ($8?) was good, arugula, feta, white beans, plenty for two to share.

      Nice addition to the neighborhood. They turned half the parking lot into mostly covered outdoor seating, would be a pleasant place to hang out on a hot day.

      Seems like a work in progress. Other customers were mostly families with kids. One of the kids were running around out of control, after they left the owner went around putting up "children must be seated and under adult supervision at all times" signs.

      1. I've been here twice now and haven't been terribly impressed. The garlic fries and truffle fries are good. I had the Texas Burger (chopped jalapenos and stout mustard), and it was mediocre. OK patty on too large bun with no character. The beer list isn't bad but is not to my taste, heavy on the IPAs and wheat beers.