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May 5, 2013 02:26 PM

BBQ Between Richmond, VA and Raleigh Durham?

In a few days, we'll be driving from Richmond to Raleigh/Durham, and would love to get some great NC or VA BBQ. I know it's not quite the right region for the best, but wondering if there's anything good? Backwood shacks to established destinations are all terrific if the cue is right!

Thanks much!!!

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  1. Start by looking here:

    Then read through this excellent thread and decide how far you want to go out of your way!

    1. For Virginia, you should post on the Mid-Atlantic Board.

      My suggestion would be Allen and Son, between Hillsborough and Chapel Hill, once you reach the Raleigh/Durham area.

      1. The easiest suggestion without going to far out of the way is to take 95 to Wilson and stop in a Parker's