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May 5, 2013 02:22 PM

Richmond, VA Dinner Advice

Couple hounds from NYC down in Richmond for a few nights looking for interesting eats. Frenched up southern, maybe? Really great barbecue? Foodie destinations? What do you love? What shouldn't we miss? We're all adventurous eaters, and meals are being paid for, so price matters less than awesomeness.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Welcome to Richmond. While I don't live there, we have eaten there from time to time, and always enjoy ourselves. I don't know what category these recommendations fall under. How about just places we liked, and we are passing it along for your consideration? In addition to my links, there is probably more information out there on the restaurants.

    We liked Dots Back Inn, because of the eclectic selection. I keep meaning to go back there.

    Alamo BBQ was a great find. It is what I call new school BBQ, where places make BBQ and dress it up with some creative sides. BBQ is a very personal thing, so it may or may not be up to your standards, but we liked it. Go on a good day, because you eat outside. Of course you could get your order to go.

      1. We were there a few weeks ago and enjoyed Secco and Nile (an Ethiopian restaurant). Heard great things about Edo's Squid and The Roosevelt, but didn't make it to either; maybe next time!

        1. Richmond native here,

          1. Kuba-Kuba is a MUST. Cheap, authentic, and delicious Cuban. I recommend the huevos rancheros, paella, and tres leches cake.

          2. Stella's is the go-to for Greek food. Very popular right now

          3. Rappahannock, a seafood place, is the latest and greatest RVA restaurant.

          4. Bacchus

          5. Mamma Zu's, Italian, one of Richmond's classic favorites

          All of these restaurants are in the Fan, a really cool historic district a the heart of Richmond.

          If you want BBQ, Buz and Ned's Real Barbeque is very popular, but personally I think Cook Out (fast food place) has the best bbq sandwhich, plus burgers, hundreds of milkshakes, and lots of other great southern fare.

          1. We really enjoyed Juleps when we were in Richmond last year
            and we plan to try The Savory Grain on our next visit.

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              I think Julep's is still one of the best fine dining experiences in Richmond. I've only had drinks and apps at the Savory Grain, and I thought it was terrific.