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May 5, 2013 02:16 PM

GE Profile Induction Range Oven Preheat Time

I am considering getting the GE Profile induction range but have read some posts about issues with the hidden-element ovens having especially long preheat times. We currently have a GE Profile wall oven which is 10 years old and I have always been annoyed at the fact that it takes a good 20 min. for the oven to truly reach a temperature of 350°, even though the silly oven beeper says it is ready in less than 10 min.! (yeah right,LOL)

So I am wondering whether anyone who currently has the Profile induction range can tell me how long it takes for their oven to TRULY preheat to 350°. I would assume, based on what I have read about the hidden element ovens, that it will take longer than my current exposed-element Profile oven does – but I would like to be forewarned if it takes a great deal longer!! Many thanks

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