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May 5, 2013 01:54 PM

Bistro Petit in Williamsburg

Just saw this video linked on by Eater.

Has anyone been? Tasting menu or a la carte? Tasting menu at $90 is a pretty ambitious price point. Looks like it's BYOB as well (generally a plus). Although they don't serve tap water so you'll have to buy still or sparkling from them.

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  1. I've been twice a la carte. Both times were excellent. The farro risotto is especially good, as is the Korean Bouillabaise, although both are hearty meals (not so good in the Summer).

    Great food. One of my favorite places in the neighborhood. It is a very small restaurant though (maybe it has 20 seats?), so you may want to get reservations.

    36 Hours in Williamsburg: