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May 5, 2013 01:21 PM

3 day trip with 2 kids (tweens) coming up in 2 weeks - Toronto hound


Please critique - we'll have 2 lunches and 3 dinners. Our kids are somewhat adventurous and don't shy away from spice.

So far we have:
Night of arrival - pizza - maybe Don Antonio
Lunch 1 - Babbo
Lunch 2 - Tocqueville
Dinner 1 - Perilla
Dinner 2 - Louro

We don't want to go too much up in price (but obviously willing to go down).
We also thought about the midtown Xian, but we have some pretty good Chinese here in Toronto...not sure if there's anything like it though. Also, we're not into standing in line waiting (although, I know Don Antonio doesn't take reservations).

We come in to the city every year, but this is a first with the kids. We're staying a few blocks north of Times square, but totally willing to subway/cab/walk. Thank you.

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  1. Is this all on weekdays? Or spanning a weekend?

    Your itinerary is Italian, American, and modern/Portuguese-influenced, I think it would be good to add some variety.

    I don't see any breakfasts on your itinerary. Not even Russ & Daughters?

    Night of arrival maybe do Shake Shack, Toloache, or Ma Peche instead?

    Lunch 2, you could try Momofuku Ssam Bar or Mission Chinese, which are far easier to get into for lunch than dinner. Motorino also does a great lunch prix fixe and tends to be much quieter than at dinner.

    Dinner 1, perhaps Kin Shop instead of Perilla.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thank you. We get in on Thursday. Shake shack is a good idea. We have Momofuko in Toronto now, so will give it a miss. Will definitely look into kin shop - thank you.

    2. Also any good espresso places near there eg anywhere near/east of Marriott maquis?

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      1. re: DDD

        Simon Sips is about one avenue block away on 6th. Go a little more and you can hit up Blue Bottle at Rockefeller Center.

      2. Toronto does Cantonese well, but Xian's a different region and different flavor so give it a try if you can fit it in. Lots of cumin, lamb and heat. It's also pretty affordable.

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        1. re: GoodGravy

          xian is totally, very definitely, worth doing. the "burgers" are great - and as much love as the cumin lamb gets, i personally think the stewed pork one is even better.