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Adega.... new Portuguese restaurant opening in Woburn?

I drove by Main St., Woburn and saw a banner hanging that said it was opening soon. Nothing much on google. Anyone know about it?


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  1. I drove by a little over a week ago and didn't notice the sign so thanks for mentioning it. Woburn City Council minutes mentions the name Helder Teixeira. That sounds like the name of a former chef at the Trackside in Peabody (and maybe PB Restaurant), but its one of the most common Portuguese surnames so take that with many grains of salt. The council notes also mention amending the permit for a fast food restaurant, so perhaps not a sit-down restaurant but should be interesting to see.

    1. fingers crossed. knocking on head.

      1. Seems to be a cursed spot, wish them well - on another note, new place Eri S seems to be pumping out some decent stuff - anyone been? Old Bishop's spot

        1. Drove by tonight and slowed down enough to see nothing has changed. Paper is covering windows and banner still hanging saying that they are opening soon.

          Anyone else? sigh...


          1. Just noticed your post is dated last May! Adega opens as of lunch tomorrow (Thursday March 6, 2014). http://adegarestaurant.com/

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              Interesting.... thanks, I'll check it out soon. No prices on the menu though.


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                No prices on the menu is pretty strange, IMHO.

            2. I stopped by today after lunch to check out the menu. There is no sign anywhere but they are to the left of the EZ Cleaners place and it looks like parking could be a problem but I think there is more parking across Green Street. Fairly extensive lunch menu with reasonable prices, I think the most expensive item was $13+. The inside if fairly small and a bit dark with tables scattered around. I'll try them out next week and for just have opened yesterday they were quite busy at 12:30.


              1. I had the grilled tuna sandwich for lunch. For $8 and another $2 for a can of soda, I was impressed.

                Was passing by a couple of times this evening, they seemed decently busy for dinner.

                  1. I decided to try Adega today for lunch and was very pleased with this new addition to the Woburn dining scene. It's a small restaurant in a nondescript group of stores on Main St, Woburn. It just opened a few days ago so they don't even have a sign up yet so if you are planning to try it just look for the address, 229 Main St.

                    They offer an extensive list of choices for lunch but I decided to stick with a couple of Portuguese basics, Caldo Verde (Kale Soup) and Carne de Porco Altentejana (Pork with Clams)/ Both were very good. The Caldo Verde was thick and creamy with slices of linguisa in it. The Pork and Clams (pic attached) was a nice combination of tender cubes of pork, little neck clams and roasted potatoes in garlicky sauce. I am now looking forward to going back and trying a few more dishes. The owner, Roger, told me that he is hoping to get approval from the city to add more tables so he can get a liquor license. Right now it's only soft drinks or BYOB.

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                      oh boy! if the pork is actually TENder, that would be miles ahead of the new bedford places, Mimo's and Antonio's, where it is usually tough/chewy (though tasty.) That pork/clams dish has always been my fav. The photos of their fried potatoes also look v. good.

                    2. Finally stopped by for lunch today and the place was very quiet. This is a great addition to the Woburn food scene and I had an excellent lunch. I had the Carne de Porco Altentejana (Pork with Clams) and it was super tasty and I was really happy to have the crusted bread to soak up the broth. The pork was VERY tender and tasty. Looking forward to going back and trying more dishes. I was a bit amused about the random scattering of tables. I also thought that the dipping oil and olives was a nice touch.


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                        Ferrari328, how much was the pork with clams at Adega for lunch? Do they have take out?

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                          It was $9.95 and I have no idea about takeout but I can't see why not.


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                            When I was there people were coming in for take out orders. The owner told me that they haven't printed a take out menu yet but were planning to do so.

                        2. Went back today for a second lunch and was very pleased. The restaurant was quite busy today and there was a lot of Portuguese being spoken by the other diners. I started again with the Caldo Verde which was just as good as the first time. Then I tried the Caldeirada de Bacalhau the traditional dry salted codfish stew. It was very good too. They still don't have a beer and wine license but the total bill including a tip and a bottle of mineral water was $19.00. Very reasonable IMHO.

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                            hi ron, following your initial discovery, we were there for our first visit last night.(Chs who construe that the CH North-of-Boston hinterland dwellers are chafing at the bit for a good new restnt nearby- are correct!)

                            now there's 3 of us (you and ferrari and me) who have enjoyed the Pork with Clams dish there. I must say, i was rather astounded at the amount of pork for only $14; the leftovers i brought home were easily enough for another dinner for a good eater. My Love had the Mariscos dish with scallops, clams, shrimp and a whole lobster in the proverbial white wine garlic base. He was very happy and left nothing but a pile of shells and a few pieces of bread (invaluable for its sopping role.)$25 again seemed more than fair.

                            Entrees at Adega are accompanied by salad or soup and we both really liked the Caldo Verde,which i would describe as a hot vichyssoise with slivered kale and a little linguica. I asked about the linguica, which I surprised myself by really liking. Rogerio explained that he has known the New Bedford makers, Amaral's, for 35 years I found it alot more delicous that the Gaspari brand.)

                            The simple flan ended the meal on a lovely silky light note.

                            One of the unexpected delights at Adega was the Fado music playing in the background. The brothers/owners are planning to bring live fado to Adega before long. That's so exciting! Looking forward to many more nights there.

                            p.s. (Ice fanatics like me -should know in advance that they have no ice machine. Maybe by summer enough people will request it that they will begin stocking it.)

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                              That Caldo Verde looks like mainland Portugal style, rather than the Azorean style that I'm more familiar with (and make a kick ass version of myself). Azorean has a ton more kale, and I'm not sure what the red/orange stuff is (red peppers? Carrots?), but neither belong in Caldo Verde in my opinion.

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                                kim, i believe the photo you are referring to is NOT caldo verde. Our caldo verde i would describe as a hot vichyssoise with slivered kale and a little linguica. so i'm guessing that photo is the bacalao (sp) stew.

                                gee ferari, their pork w/clams portion is HUGE , so it certainly seems fair to me to charge 14 or 15 for it for lunch.
                                Personally, i don't see their pricing/portion size as a problem; i just think the location is unfortunate/pretty hidden.

                            2. Last time I stopped by for lunch on Wednesday the place was closed with no notice or anything. The prices has gone up significantly, the pork and clams that was $9.95 is now $14 AT LUNCH! That's just a dollar below the dinner price. Don't think this will fly in Woburn. I ended up with the pork sandwich, Pan Seared Bifana $9, with salad and portuguese fries. The pork was delicious but the salad dressing was salty and the unsalted fries was a soggy mess. Only one other customer at lunch today and that didn't' really surprise me.