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May 5, 2013 12:39 PM

Adega.... new Portuguese restaurant opening in Woburn?

I drove by Main St., Woburn and saw a banner hanging that said it was opening soon. Nothing much on google. Anyone know about it?

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  1. I drove by a little over a week ago and didn't notice the sign so thanks for mentioning it. Woburn City Council minutes mentions the name Helder Teixeira. That sounds like the name of a former chef at the Trackside in Peabody (and maybe PB Restaurant), but its one of the most common Portuguese surnames so take that with many grains of salt. The council notes also mention amending the permit for a fast food restaurant, so perhaps not a sit-down restaurant but should be interesting to see.

    1. fingers crossed. knocking on head.

      1. Seems to be a cursed spot, wish them well - on another note, new place Eri S seems to be pumping out some decent stuff - anyone been? Old Bishop's spot

        1. Drove by tonight and slowed down enough to see nothing has changed. Paper is covering windows and banner still hanging saying that they are opening soon.

          Anyone else? sigh...

          1. Just noticed your post is dated last May! Adega opens as of lunch tomorrow (Thursday March 6, 2014).

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              Interesting.... thanks, I'll check it out soon. No prices on the menu though.


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                No prices on the menu is pretty strange, IMHO.