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May 5, 2013 11:08 AM

Madison Square Eats - Open daily May 3 - May 31, 11am to 9pm

I searched this board for Madison Square Eats and surprisingly, nothing, so here goes...

I'll be in town later this week (from Florida) and have Saturday open. I'm thinking of arriving near opening time (11AM).

It looks like I could save a trip to Brooklyn and check out the Roberta's booth for pizza. And then maybe some MMB crack pie for dessert.

Any other "can't miss" tastes I should try here? I do like spicy FWIW... maybe a taco from here, dim sum from there, or something along those lines?


Arancini Bros. ● ASIADOG ● Bar Suzette ● CALEXICO ● Charlito’s Cocina ● Graffiti│Mehtaphor ● Hong Kong Street Cart ● ilili ● La Sonrisa Empanadas ● Macaron Parlour ● Mayhem & Stout ● Melt Bakery ● Mexicue ● Mighty Balls ● Mimi and Coco NY ● Momofuku Milk Bar ● Nunu Chocolates ● people’s pops ● Red Hook Lobster Pound ● Roberta’s ● Stuffed Artisan Cannoli ● The Cannibal


Dreamscoops Ice Cream ● Eleni’s New York ● Mason Jar NYC ● MMM ENFES ● Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen ● SEOUL LEE BAR B CUE ● Sunday Gravy NYC ● Third Rail Coffee

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks - my 12 months back search failed me!

      Calexico I can skip since they have a truck near my hotel earlier in the week.

      Roberta's Bee Sting sounds like a must try.

      Pork belly buns from HK Street cart look tempting.

      Maybe a slider from Mighty Balls? We don't have any of these meatball shops in my area of Florida (yet).

      1. re: CFByrne

        HK Street Cart is delicious. I've had their pork belly buns in the past, but today I tried their salt and pepper chili shrimp—really good!

    2. No Bee Sting this time - The Margherita still rocks.
      Arancinis are good.
      I would def go with a lobster roll from Red Hook
      Ja Jiang hot noodle soup with pulled pork from Hong Kong Street Cart if they have, or try anything else there,
      Fries from ilili

      1. Looks like I may be adding some Momofuku stollen to this list.

        By coincidence, last time I was in town was mid-December, and then I picked up some winter stollen at the USGMkt.

        The summer version sounds tempting!

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        1. re: CFByrne

          We just picked up our second loaf today to take to a dinner party. No shame. It's more crack-like than the crack pie to me.

        2. If you were thinking of going to Roberta's (which I highly, highly recommend), skip Roberta's at Madison Sq. Park, enjoy the other offerings, and then hop on the L train out to Brooklyn for the real thing! (Mind you, I have no reason to believe that Roberta's at MSP is not excellent, but the bricks-and-mortar -- or, more accurately, corrugated aluminum -- location is well worth what's really a pretty easy trip.)

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          1. re: Blumie

            Your mileage may vary but if you just want pizza from Roberta's (and none of the other items), then the stall at Madison Square Eats works just fine. I personally felt the non-pizza items were only OK.

            1. re: kathryn

              See, I feel the exact opposite. I would never, ever go there and order pizza. The other stuff far outshines it (although their chef de cuisine, responsible for most of that good stuff, has recently left).

              1. re: loratliff

                Im a sucker for both. We were there last week and highlights included a new (to me) pie featuring a bunch of different peppers (which doesnt seem to be on the current version of their website so i cant get the name) as well as two non-pizza dishes, an excellent calamari and the chicken "confit" with bagna cauda, which caused some raised eyebrows at our table when i ordered it but then those same eyebrow owners were fighting over wiping the plate clean.

                the bee sting will forever have a special place in my heart (we served it at our roberta's catered wedding)

          2. Just for kicks, I searched Instagram for #madisonsquareeats and #MadSqEats, and not surprisingly it bought up a lot of photos.

            The majority are Roberta's pizza slices and Lobster Roll from Red Hook.

            But there were some mighty fine looking shots from Asia Dog. I think I saw pork belly dog, kim chi dog, and a few others. Any good?


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            1. re: CFByrne

              Delicious. I prefer the Mel and Steve, with red cabbage and sesame seeds myself.