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Best seafood pasta in Campo de Fiori, Ghetto or Trastevere area?

Arriving next Saturday and want to find something not to far from Via Giulia, where we are staying. This would be for dinner. Thank you!

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  1. La Mani in Pasta looks good. Thanks for the (now deleted) reco.

    I'll be there in a few months staying not too far in Trastevere

    1. La Gensola, in Trastevere, is definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in Rome, and in your area.

      Another option is Pierluigi, which I am a fan of (but I know others are not. There was a recent discussion). I love their Risotto con Scampi and also they do a great Spaghetti alle Vongole. The plus of this is a gorgeous outside piazza to sit in, weather permitting.


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        Thank you, Elizabeth. I reserved initially at Pierluigi, but got cold feet based on that thread and cost. Another poster recommended La Mani in Pasta (seems to have been deleted). What do you think?

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          I'm not a huge fan of Mani in Pasta, although I know a lot of people like it. I find the food to be so so, and the restaurant itself cramped and uncomfortable.

          Also, I was talking to some clients yesterday who had eaten there earlier in the week. They said that the service was very brusk and when they asked for help translating the menu, the waiter just told them to let him order for them. Basically everything that came to the table had langoustines on it, just about the most expensive thing you can ever order. They were shocked by the bill at the end. In other words, the waiter took advantage of them, which I think is atrocious.

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            Thanks, Elizabeth, that is not a good story about Mani in Pasta. I live in a town that gets a lot of European tourists (Santa Barbara, ca) and would hate to think of our local restaurants doing that. Think I will cross that place off of our list.

      2. The best seafood in the center is probably Il Sanlorenzo, near Via dei Giubbonari. Although not cheap, it certainly has a favorable price-quality ratio, especially in comparison with the more famous (and less enjoyable IMO) La Rosetta. While I think La Gensola is good and is definitely a bargain (rare for seafood), I just can't bring myself to love it -- too crowded and hectic in the evening or Sunday lunch. I've enjoyed it for weekday lunches. I'm undecided about Pierluigi, but tending toward negative. Our dinner last summer left my (Roman) husband completely unimpressed. I agree with Elizabeth about Le Mani in Pasta. It's the sort of place I would probably eventually love if I lived in the neighborhood and established a relationship, but I wouldn't cross town for it.

        There is a group of seafood restaurants, or maybe just two, in the center all belonging to one owner, I believe, descendants of the defunct Hostaria del Pesce. Their websites place more emphasis on the celebrity clients than on the fish, but they do have a following. I've never been to either (hated Hostaria del Pesce though) and am not recommending them, but since I think one is on Via Giulia (Madre Assunta), you may run into them and wonder (the other, whose name escapes, is on via Pie' di Marmo). If anyone has ever been, I would love to hear about it.

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          "Assunta Madre" has always been a bit intimidating to me. I would see the fancy cars pulling up, the security guys and so on.

          I'm guessing the modest exterior houses a superior fish restaurant at a very high price point.

        2. Thanks for all the feedback. Last time we were in Rome we ate outside at Osteria La Querica. We had our kids with us and I have fond memories of it. I never see it mentioned on CH-is it a tourist trap kind of place? We are going to be pretty jet lagged by the evening so am thinking I should save Trastevere area for Sunday day and Campo area is much closer to our hotel (St George).

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            Actually, if you're worried about being tired, there are a few places near Via Giulia, but not necessarily with seafood. I've always had a soft spot for Il Drappo, though I haven't been in a few years, cute and sort of modern Sardinian. Vino e Camino is casual, with a varied menu. I haven't been to Taverna Giulia in eons, but it's an old classic, still there serving Ligurian food. There are others too.

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              My wife and I dined a few weeks ago at Il Drappo. It's a neighborhood place for us when we're in town. The fish is always fresh and well prepared. The meat courses (you'll be asked your preference) can be stellar, too.

              Il Drappo is a tiny gem. Give it a shot.

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                Thank you Steve and Mbfant. Sounds like Il Drappo might fit the bill! Menu looks good and location is great.