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May 5, 2013 09:22 AM

Shake shack

What do you think of these? The line at ours is prohibitive but the burgers were definitely tasty. Fries I could do without and the hot dog itself was not good. If I were Danny Meyer I would use an upscale mcd,s type of fry, also sell the onion rings on the dog as a side, and forego the hot dogs to simplify. There is also an extensive ice cream selection which is just distracting.

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  1. The one in Madison Square Park in NYC has a line... I endured it once. Good, but not worth the wait. (Eataly has opened across the street -- yet another place to wait in lines, lol.)

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      FWIW, Pete Wells had a review in the New York Times last year... probably the only take-out burger place with an official starred review in the Times.

    2. Not a fan at all, and the fries are lousy, IMO. The sauce on the burger was good, though.

      1. I've been to the DC Shake Shacks half a dozen times. Consistently tasty burgers and perfect fries. They make the soggy steamburgers and steamed fries Five Guys peddles look like a pile of puke.

        1. They've opened a branch in downtown Brooklyn. I thought the burgers were just passable, very thin and not much meat flavor. Next time I tried their hot dogs; flavor OK but not exceptional, and a strange rubbery consistency. I don't think I'll go a third time.

          1. Go for the burgers, stay for custard ... has always been my mantra for Shake Shack.