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Shake shack

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What do you think of these? The line at ours is prohibitive but the burgers were definitely tasty. Fries I could do without and the hot dog itself was not good. If I were Danny Meyer I would use an upscale mcd,s type of fry, also sell the onion rings on the dog as a side, and forego the hot dogs to simplify. There is also an extensive ice cream selection which is just distracting.

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  1. The one in Madison Square Park in NYC has a line... I endured it once. Good, but not worth the wait. (Eataly has opened across the street -- yet another place to wait in lines, lol.)

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      FWIW, Pete Wells had a review in the New York Times last year... probably the only take-out burger place with an official starred review in the Times.


    2. Not a fan at all, and the fries are lousy, IMO. The sauce on the burger was good, though.

      1. I've been to the DC Shake Shacks half a dozen times. Consistently tasty burgers and perfect fries. They make the soggy steamburgers and steamed fries Five Guys peddles look like a pile of puke.

        1. They've opened a branch in downtown Brooklyn. I thought the burgers were just passable, very thin and not much meat flavor. Next time I tried their hot dogs; flavor OK but not exceptional, and a strange rubbery consistency. I don't think I'll go a third time.

          1. Go for the burgers, stay for custard ... has always been my mantra for Shake Shack.

            1. I walked by the one in Madison Square Park in NYC once and all I could smell was grease. Have never wanted to try a burger after that. A shame too, since I am a big Danny Meyer fan.

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                We have one in Philadelphia too. A couple of things that make it stand out... you can get a beer with a fast food. The shake shack hamburger sauce tastes like a spicy version of McDonalds secret sauce.. definitely not a fan Their hot dogs, (Hebrew national here) are not bad, they are grilled and do a reasonable version of a chicago dog. Also have a chicken sausage that is good too. Fries not a fan of. Custards are great. And like all Shake Shacks, there is little room to sit down and eat there, so its mostly a take away place. Ironically in Philadelphia they are across the street from Village Whiskey, the Jose Garces (Iron chef) location that serves some great burgers, including one with Foie Gras. The wait at shake shack is longer than the wait for a table at Village Whiskey...

              2. I like their burgers but the fries are very average, and the whole thing is wildly overpriced. Still, it's something to take a tourist to in NYC so they can have the "big city" experience.

                1. The "distracting" ice cream (actually custard) selection is actually my favorite thing about shake shack! Many of the special flavors have been great and the concretes are yummy (also love that they have different mixes based on location). You should give the custard a try. Otherwise, I agree that the hamburgers are fine and the fries a bit weak. I have not tried the dogs.

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                    Given that the place is called Shake Shack... :)

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                      Lol, I guess you're right. I just think "hamburger" when I hear the name.

                  2. I give them credit for starting a trend, but it just isn't that special anymore. There are so many great burger places doing a similar shtick now from Manhattan to Brooklyn to New Jersey to Long Island to Westchester and back again. Why put up with the line? Don's in Morristown NJ is just as good. So is Petey's in Astoria.

                    Also, a lot of these places have better fries (hand cut double fried, etc)

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                      Sure but you also have SS opening in the Middle East, the UK, and Turkey where burgers aren't going to look anything like theirs. Or where they think Five Guys is the be all end all of burgers. As for the fries, I've pretty much given up on handcut fries. Nine out of ten places have no idea what they're doing and are just doing it because they can charge more. Every SS trip I've made has been a consistent expierience, which trumps hit-or-miss "fresh" fries for me.

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                        I understand the "consistent experience, which trumps hit-or-miss "fresh" fries for me." as it relates to SS and chains in general , but that's not necessarily what chowhounding is all about.
                        Consistent food is not always a good thing. It could be, but a chowhound may find that a good thing could be chow-worthy in many manifestations. In one place a particular cook may make a dish that is delicious and at another visit the same cook may "tweak" the recipe a bit to fit their mood or whatever, and that usually makes the food actually taste better or more "interesting", but not always, "hit-or-miss".
                        Chains, though, are to be known for consistent food products, and that is why I understand the SS and the want for a consistent experience.