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May 5, 2013 05:55 AM

Uses for Tempoyak

I have a small amount of Tempoyak fermenting in a jar on my counter (fresh durian mashed with salt and sealed in a jar). I was planning to mix it with mashed chillis to make a sambal, but I was wondering if anyone had any other uses for it? I was looking at chillis at the store today and they were all moldy, which put the breaks on my sambal ambitions for the time being and started my thinking outside-the-box.

I was wondering, what about mixing it with mango for a sort of chutney or BBQ sauce with pulled pork?

Or if I did make a sambal (eventually, when I find some good chillis), would it be cool to mix a bit of roasted shrimp paste in with the durian and chillis, or is that overkill?

Does anyone have any other uses for this jar of Tempoyak? I used very good durian for it (I just bought too much and couldn't finish it fresh, but it was good!)

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  1. Yes, it would be normal to add roasted shrimp paste or perhaps fried anchovies 'ikan bilis' to a sambal tempoyak to be eaten with veggies and rice. There are cooked dishes involving tempoyak - the one that comes to my mind is one with catfish and lots of turmeric, google 'ikan keli tempoyak' pics and recipes.

    But I myself prefer to freeze leftover durian which survives nicely after de-frosting, with only a small dimunition in flavour and not much loss of texture - all that fat and sugar, I think.