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May 5, 2013 05:23 AM

Fireeater's pizza truck in Philadelphia

Has anybody found and tried this new kosher pizza?

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  1. I really want to- looks yummy!

    1. yes! the pizza is so great, very unconventional for kosher pizza. We got a plain (cheese and sauce) and a funghi and they were both fantastic. The flavors were bursting everywhere from the cheese to the sauce to the crust. It tastes like real food! Not at like like typical kosher pizza. It was great to see the pies coming out of the oven and the whole rig itself is a pretty awesome sight to begin with. In terms of cost, the pizzas are smaller than a typical 8 slice pizza but when you figure it all out it was pretty comparable to a large pie slice for slice (I think what they call personal size is $10, and it had 4 nice slices). But the taste really you just can't compare. my son wasn't the hugest fan, but then again all he knows of pizza is the typical stuff you get. This was *real food* and the proprietor obviously is really into the quality of his ingredients. The crust on our pie was a little...crusty, it was just too good to waste so we added on some of our own marinara and cheese rather than just having bread. The benefit though of eating the crust is we got to really appreciate the grains that go into this pie - they use locally-milled flours and the flavor really comes through. The texture of the crust also was amazing! I recommend it highly!

      1. This is the best pizza I have ever eaten - it is delicious.

        1. We FINALLY got to try some tonight (Saturday night) Let me explain how and why.
          This week they had a specil promotion that they offered FREE DELIVERY (Bals Cynwood and Rawnhurst) Wednesday night. YES! We live in the delivery area:) BUT- the delivery was for set times (wtth a 2 hour window) and I had a dr's appointment and couldn't be sure I'd be home for delivery. A kind friend of mine took delivery for us and we got our pizzas when we gt home. Things happened-like the 4th and Shabbas and we finally had our pizzas tonight. So worth the wait! We both had a Forrest Floor pizza (a yummy white pizza with a fabulous collection of mushrooms on top and finished with fresh herbs including rosemary!) M husband's was also finished with sea salt_ I asked for the salt to be left off mine)
          Even after being several days "old" and refrigerated, then reheated in our home oven it was a fabulous pie!
          The "personall" size was a little big for one, but I am glad we got two of them.
          The crust was so yummy- I bet it was even better fresh from the pizza oven.
          This was probably the best pizza I have ever eaten and I am looking forward to getting more again , hopefully soon! The home delivery was a huge bonus too:)
          If you live near where they make pizza, I say try one- you'll love it!

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            Had some again last night! OH WOW! It was so much better eatting it "fresh" instead of refrigerated. The crust was so amazing:) I again had a Forest Floor pizza as did the husband, though he asked to have his with added sauce, which was so yummy, though I do prefer white pizza. I can't wait to try another flavor the next time. And Yes, we will order again:) and again! It really was that good!