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May 5, 2013 04:47 AM

Food Hop, DC Style

The other night I had a 'snack' at GBD in Dupont Circle - it was an al la carte fried chicken breast served in a small cardbox box. The breast is small (is it only half a breast?) but the kind of chicken you dream about if you were invited to the world's best picnic. With tax it set me back $5.50. Counter service.

I then headed over to DGS (no, these are not abbreviations) a few doors down and sat at the bar for their chopped liver, served with pickled red onions and gribines (chicken skin crisps). Food doesn't get any better than this. Put all of the components on a slice of rye or pumpernickel toast and melt your troubles away. This sent me back $8.80 with tax.

I drove by last night (Saturday) at 11pm and saw both places packed to the gills. Crazy! Its' much quieter on a Friday night at 7pm.

Where else in the area is is suitable for food hopping?

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  1. After all of that if you wanted a drink and maybe some dessert you could have headed over to the lounge or bar at Tabard Inn.

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      Good suggestion! I hadn't thought of asking... where should have been my next stop?

    2. Veritas, at the corner of Florida and Wisconsin, still has its half-price bottles on Sunday and Monday. When I have gone at 5 pm, when it opens, it has been completely or nearly empty. A great way to start out the hop!

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          I meant Florida and Connecticut, sorry

      1. If only you could have worked WTF into that Hop.

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          just in case anyone thinks you're being rude... WTF in this case stands for Woodword Takeout Food at 14th and H, NW.