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May 5, 2013 04:23 AM

Rec for visitor near Hyatt

My SO will be in NO for a conference this week and by Friday will be exhausted. She is staying at the Hyatt New Orleans on Loyola Ave. Are there any recommendations for a nice quiet dinner (nothing too exotic) within walking distance on Friday night?
Guido from Boston

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  1. Herbsaint is delightful and is less than 10 minutes away by foot (or two minutes away by taxi). Make a reservation on

    Luke, another decent option, is almost as close.

    1. Borgne, one of John Besh's restaurants, is located inside the Hyatt. It's seafood centric, so it is possible to have a good to great meal without leaving the hotel.
      The Hyatt also has a woodfired pizza place, but I think it's takeout only?

      1. I haven't eaten there but Little Gem Saloon has a great bar and it is a block from the hotel. The menu is pretty limited, which I guess is OK for something called a saloon, but contains many of the local dishes.

        Downstairs may not be too quiet if someone is providing music from the small stage on the first floor.

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          Thanks, Collardman! She went to Little Gem, had a very nice crabcake and salad, and a very pleasant time. Just the ticket and very close to the Hyatt.
          And thanks to all the other 'hounds who made suggestions, too. Please post to the Boston board if y'all are visiting and want recommendations.

        2. A short walk away on Poydras Street is Ste. Marie. It’s good, but might be a little loud on a Friday night. I’m pretty sure there’s a decent restaurant in La Paveleon Hotel, but others might know better.

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            The food at Le Pavillon is nothing special.

          2. MiLa is not too far @ 817 Common and has a reputation for quiet deliciousness. Please have her consider calling/taking the pedicabs if she does not want to walk. Opens up more choices.

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              I just ate at Borgne last week and came away very happy. It is inside the Hyatt but has an entrance onto Loyola St.

              I love the cocktails, the creamy crawfish croquettas and the fish in the bag.