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May 5, 2013 04:11 AM

Pre-theater dining at bar..... party of one.

Looking for suggestions for a place for dinner in the theater district on a Saturday around 5:00pm. I will be flying solo, and would prefer to sit at the bar. No particular cuisine....just a comfortable place with a big bar (and friendly bartenders....).

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  1. Why limit yourself to the Theater District? You can have a great meal at 5pm virtually anywhere in the city -- and likely will eat far better outside of the Theater District -- and still make it to the theater in time for your curtain.

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      I wouldn't say that the OP would eat "far better"outside of the theater district, considering what he is looking for (ie not a 4h long 3-star Michelin meal). Danji is an excellent choice for someone looking to sit at the bar as a solo diner. Caveat is that their bar is not particularly big, but I would still echo what others have said in recommending it.
      If you're willing to be a little further away, you could also consider the bar at the Modern. Ma Peche is another option.

    2. Where is the theatre and what time is the show?

      Danji is solo diner friendly and I've done something similar after a show. They open at 5;15 on Saturdays.

      1. I limited myself to the theater district only because I am seeing a matinee, and then another show at 8. Total Broadway immersion day! Kathryn, show is on Broadway at The Palace. Thaks for the recommendation for Danji.

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          See Cheeryvisage's Times Square list here for more options:

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            If it was me, I would go to Modern.

          2. Danji's a good call. Also DB Bistro Moderne, or Toloache for upscale Mexican eats.