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May 5, 2013 03:13 AM

LA Magazine...Ultimate Sushi Guide...thoughts?

Just curious to what everyone's take is one this article... seems that some big hitters are left out..
Sushi zo
Sushi nozomi
Sushi gen
Sushi park
Sushi sushi
Mori sushi
Go's mart

Are all named in the article as the best in LA....tho I guess sushi restaurants aren't known for creativity in naming their restaurants. .lol

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  1. Which big hitters did you think were left out?

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    1. re: J.L.

      Nobu's new Larry Ellison supplied location on the ocean side of PCH for one...

      1. re: Servorg

        Wow, that's why it moved.

        From the financial backing of Oracle at Oracle ?


        Well, Nobu might just be the best sushi with a view.

      2. re: J.L.

        Which big hitters did you think were left out?

        Sushi Ici
        Kimagure Ike

        But that's ok. I like to keep the (semi) hidden gems, hidden. Better, and more, for me.

        1. re: J.L.

          Mori, Sushi Zo, Shunji, Yamakase, Katsu-ya, Matsuhisa, Sugarfish..could all be contenders..

          1. re: csnyde

            respectfully disagree with your recommendations of Matsuhisa and of Sugarfish.

            1. re: westsidegal

              Sugar Fish is what it is, which is fine with me (would agree it does not belong on the list though). Anxious to try Bar Nozowa, it might be list worthy. Loved Yamakasi.

        2. Oops..Yeah I missed them on the list. I didn't realize that the grade of celebrities dining there was a determining've had some great sushi at Matsuhisa over the last two years..tho I can't speak to how it was or wasnt in the 90's...maybe i got lucky...I agree that Shunji isn't a Sushi restaurant per se...tho their sushi is excellent.

          1. Kimagure Ike for sure. But that's okay, it's actually in Pasadena, and everyone knows Los Angeles Magazine doesn't recognize anything east of La Brea.

            1. Was wondering what they listed. I'm surprised that Hamasaku, Jinpachi, and Okumura made it.

              Personal faves that were left out: Shunji (definitely qualifies), Yamakase, Kiyokawa

              Others I'm surprised that didn't make it: Kimagure, Hiko, n/naka (if it qualifies)

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              1. re: chrishei

                +1 Kiyokawa... tho happy to keep it a semi-secret...

              2. Look, the readership of LAMag extends WAY beyond our little but knowledgeable Chowboard - This larger readership most likely will include people who (for example) only eat dynamite and rainbow rolls, people who have no freaking clue (nor care) about the nuances between "omakase" & "kaiseki", people who think "uni" is an abbreviation for a Westside high school, people who may not be aware of the fact that Matsuhisa is actually a Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant that happened to start serving nigiri as an afterthought to pay its bills. Cheaper options like Sushi Hide is mentioned, and even roll factories such as California Roll Factory & Hamasaku are featured. Conveyor belt sushi is explained, as is the importance of shari. Even Shige-san from lesser-frequented places like Shibucho gets a whole page of love.

                Given all that great info for the intended readership-at-large, I don't really mind that the kaiseki places (Shunji, Kiyokawa, Yamakase) were left out.

                This sushi issue is not an altogether bad thing - I posit that this issue of LAMag DOES indeed cater to its readership, in this sense.

                Hey, at least they didn't write up Crazy Fish.

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                1. re: J.L.

                  << people who think "uni" is an abbreviation for a Westside high school>>

                  1. re: J.L.

                    WOW! You are insulting the LA Mag readership for not having your educated and sophisticated palate and don't understand the "nuances" between "Omasake & Kaiseki".
                    Although you express disdain for the "intended readership-at-large", I find it refreshing that there are still some folks out there who will pick up the Sushi Issue of L.A. Mag at the Newsstand. Perhaps, these folks will learn something about sushi. IMHO, it was a pretty good article.

                    1. re: maudies5

                      Please, please read the wording in my response again... I stated that the readership MAY INCLUDE (note I did NOT generalize anything sweeping about the readers, unlike what you're accusing me of).

                      I was writing in reply to chrishei's noting that some eateries were left out.

                      All I was trying to convey (perhaps in a poorly worded way which you may have misunderstood) was that the general readers of LAMag will encompass the entire spectrum of sushi expertise, from newbie to sushiphiles, and that the LAMag piece was indeed appropriate for people from all sushi backgrounds.

                      I think you're actually agreeing with what I wrote - That the article does cater to its readership.

                      OK back to my tequila...

                      1. re: J.L.

                        Cheers! Enjoy the rest of your evening.

                          1. re: maudies5

                            Brindis. I gotta stop writing under the influence (esp. on CH)... :-P

                            1. re: J.L.

                              Is the whole issue available online ?

                              Or one must more likely drop by the newsstand ?


                              btw, tequila ?

                          2. re: J.L.

                            And that helps with my standing counter seat at Shunji's.

                            You got a valid point. There are many many many many people that eat "sushi" that have never even heard of "omakase". Not that there is anything whatsoever wrong with that.

                            As for me, I'd rather appreciate and analyze the intricacies of an omakase while others may analyze the intricacies of a jump shot by larry bird (i think this might date me, hahaha).

                            1. re: J.L.

                              I'm actually curious and I'm not sure if this is the right board to ask this question...

                              But where would a good place to go to for all those crazy rolls?

                              I sure love my nigiri sushi (especially lately, because I've been getting incredible cravings for kinmedai and anago). But sometimes I don't want to spend that much and sometimes I just get cravings for those really silly rolls with all the sauce and avocado and whatever else people here like to throw in them. At the same time, I don't want to go to nice sushi bars and order it, because it feels like a waste and sometimes it even feels like an insult. I'm sure it's also unjustifiably expensive.

                                1. re: kainzero

                                  Ninjin in Santa Monica. The Matt's Riot is a strange and, yes, tasty cut roll (I forget what's in it) topped with fried onions.

                                  1. re: kainzero

                                    Absolutely kosher to ask about them crazy rolls, kevin!

                                    Hamasaku is the textbook answer, but the guys at The Room Sushi (old Ratata space on Westwood Blvd, just south of Santa Monica Blvd.) have quite the killer roll assortment.

                                    They just opened, so they're aiming to please.

                                    1. re: J.L.

                                      second hamasaku.
                                      << I'm sure it's also unjustifiably expensive.>>

                                      that said, hamasaku is not cheap.
                                      also, parking is a PITA

                                    2. re: kainzero

                                      California Roll Factory is our destination in West LA if we have guests who do not eat traditional sushi and sashimi.

                                      1. re: prawn

                                        If you go to Calif. Roll Factory, go visit Mike, the owner of the video store next door. He's awesome.

                                      2. re: kainzero

                                        Big Fish Japanese Cuisine if you're ever near the Sherman Oaks area. Good lunch specials too.