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May 5, 2013 12:09 AM

good food around midland/sheppard

i am in this area once a week and am wondering about good eats in the area (i'm usually in a car heading to 401, so driving a bit is no problem). the place has to have veg options (went to one2 snacks last weekend but they had no veg options). any type of cuisine is fair game!


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  1. Maple Yip and The Old House are the two that spring to mind. I STILL haven't been to either. Perhaps another can make recommendations.

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      In no particular order

      Dragon Dynasty for dim sum (Brimley and Huntingwood) - the push cart type. I'm not sure how veg friendly they are....but the vast majority of Chinese restaurants will have a tofu option. It just might not be veg ok for dim sum.

      Food court at Sheppard and Glen Watford mall - we always go to Silver Fountain so I don't know what the other stalls are like. Cheap and lots of food!

      The Roti Hut at McCowan and Pittfield - roti's are good. I am not overly fond of the doubles. Be forewarned I think the sodium content is high.....always thirsty after.

      Calabria Bakery on Midland south of Ellesmere - I only get the pizza so don't know what the rest of the food is like. Pizza's are only available Thursday and Friday. Can be cooked a little uneven because it's a wood oven but tastes oh so good!

      Ni-Ji - good if you're craving sushi and not too fussy about it....I'd rate them around 6/10.....or 3 star...... Midland and Ellesmere.

      Wanton Chai - wanton a strip mall around Brimley and Sheppard. The wantons are massive....which can be a plus or minus......also serve other noodle in broth varieties and you can order side plates of veg. Not veg friendly if you don't eat seafood.

      There is an Asian Legend branch around Brimley and Sheppard.

      A previous discussion on Scarborough gems if you can go further afield.

      Hope that helps!

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        For Japanese, I would choose Cafe Michi on Sheppard/Pharmacy over Ni-Ji.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Too far for me to get there, eat and get back to the office in 30 mins! T_T

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        +1 to both recommendations. Maple Yip is more formal and in my mind, more dinner, but the Old House is definitely lunchable. Their pan-fried beef bread sandwich dish is brilliant.

        Also, not really quite a Chowhound sort of place, but there's a food court on the other side of Glen Watford Drive from the Old House that's totally hidden in the plaza but has a number of Chinese stalls inside (primarily HK). The first time I went in, it was packed to the brim and I mentally slapped myself for not knowing about the place until then. It's more quantity than quality but some of it is actually pretty good. The roasted meats shop has great char siu.

      3. restoran malaysia/ gourmet garden
        Stop at Shanghai Dim Sum for some frozen dimsum to bring home.

        1. Congee Queen at Kennedy/Sheppard

          Dumpling King at Midland/Finch