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May 4, 2013 11:55 PM

Change of rental.....whole new selection of dinners.....thoughts?

Staying near Blvd St Germain and Rue de Seine.....looking for bistro-only dining at night that requires only my feet to get me to the resto.....I'll toss out some initial ideas to show what I am looking for and would greatly appreciate recent firsthand experiences as suggestions/criticism for a 7-night dining exploration.
These I find interesting: Chez Fernand Christine, La Boucherie Rouliere, L'Epigramme, Un Diamanche a Paris, Vins et Terroirs, Fish, Au 35 Rue Jacob, Le Petit Chalet, Semilla, and Cepe & Figue.

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  1. Semilla, just walked by it again today and it brought back fond memories.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thank you John...Semilla, owned by a guy from New Yawk City...just like me!....He also owns Fish and the wine store that I will visit...La Derniere Goutte.

      1. re: VegasGourmet

        Both great but I was a bit disappointed by the new chef's stuff at Fish.