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May 4, 2013 05:44 PM

Slide Inn for Brunch? Mezze for din?

Couldn't find a post for either one.

Have perused many brunch menus (unfortunately, will be in Portland on Mother's Day!); also many dinner ones. Mezza's appeals to me, but I hate to go "blind."

We don't mind eating brunch late, dislike standing in line, prefer places that adhere to sustainable/organic practices, and are not fans of rich food midday.

Does anyone know if Mezze is halal?

Thanks for any assistance.

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  1. I've not been to either, but haven't heard anything stellar at all about them.
    What made you pick them, out of Portland's more noted offerings?
    Mezze halal? I dunno. Probably not. Why don't you ask them?

    1. Mezze is actually quite good. But they are Lebanese Christians I am pretty sure, so probably not Halal. They do have a telephone. Nice people, but the atmosphere sucks. The nice thing is they are not owned by the single family that owns 95% of this towns "middle-eastern" places...all of which are mediocre at best, and most share the same tired recipes. My opinion, of course. Good luck finding any place decent in this town for the brunch you've described. People in Portland seem to love standing in line. On second thought, they mostly stand in line for mediocre stuff (Por Que No, Voodoo Doughnuts, etc), so a really good place may not have a line! Try (they have a phone too) Cocotte. You will want to make a reservation for that day.

      1. A little late but we just returned from brunch at slide inn. I would have to say this may have been one of the worst breakfasts I have ever consumed.

        Got the sausage scramble and the huevos rancheros. The scramble i got with tofu - they used medium/firm - which traditionallyI I have always gotten soft to mimic more the egg texture. The sausage was soggy, flavorless and mealy. The potatoes were like boiled starch that had been fried. The heuovos, literally was tortillas with black beans from a can dumped on them with two eggs on top. The salsa wasn't bad but the avocado used for the guacamole was past it's date.

        Generally the food was inedible and pretty gross. We left the majority of it on the plate. The waitress didn't ask us how our food was or remark when she saw we barely touched it. Also it took about half an hour for it to make it to our table and it wasn't busy at all.

        I would have complained normally but we spent most of the morning looking for a place to eat that didn't have a 25 person line up and just didn't have it in me.