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May 4, 2013 05:36 PM

open monday lunch near Coliseum

We are visiting the forum early on a Monday morning in June, then taking a lunch break before doing an underground coliseum tour. Where we can we eat nearby that is open on Monday, has options other than sandwiches and pizza? We will have our 9 y.o. son with us.
Loved the help on my earlier question for Sunday dinner!

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  1. I believe that Nerone, a pleasant trattoria just a short walk up the hill from the Coliseum, is open on Monday. We also had a nice lunch at Il Bocconcino last fall - its just a couple blocks from the Coliseum on Via Ostilia in the Celio neighborhood. There are some great historic churches in that neighborhood, including San Clemente., where you can go two levels down to see early Christian and MIthraic remains.

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      Thanks, that should be a pleasant alternative.

    2. Yes, Nerone is the best in the neighborhood for real food and is open on Monday. My husband and I really wanted to like Il Bocconcino -- very convenient to home -- but we just didn't.

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        curious, when did you try Il bocconcino? We thought it was pretty good, not special good but worth it as an option in that area (for someone without a kitchen or willingness to cook, that is! Im recalling their cacio e pepe was ok, and my husband had a good sized fish at a good price. (a friday). It was a little more varied than a lot of Roman places.

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          We tried it twice, on the strength of its Slow Food recommendation, but not recently. Since we do, of course, have a kitchen (where I often feel I am held prisoner, talk about willingness to cook), "not special" really doesn't get us out of the house. We found the food not special and the service/organization subpar (not nasty, just feckless). Nerone's spaghetti alle vongole, polpette, carbonara, and a few other items are special, plus they have their act together. Nerone is our benchmark for Roman trattorias.

      2. Also open on Monday is Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, which is on Via Madonna dei Monti.